Are you Dead in Business at 67?

Do you know what “retirement” means? You might think you do, but I looked it up in the dictionary. It means “removing one’s self from useful service.”

People actually look forward to this? Not me. Never.

Some may be looking forward to retirement as an escape from a boring job.. But successful people rarely get bored, so of course they have no reason to retire. Why stop doing business deals just because you’ve turned 65? That’s when many entrepreneurs make some of their very best deals.

Michael EisnerCase in point: 67-year old Michael Eisner. He’s the former CEO of Disney, who I will be welcoming as the headline speaker at Mega Partnering, the world’s #1 wealth and business conference, which begins next week.

Is Michael Eisner the retiring type? Hardly. According to the LA Times, his new film company just struck a major movie deal with Universal. Look at what Eisner told the LA Times::

“I basically am doing this for one reason — I like making movies, I like creating new content,” Eisner said. “It’s not an economic journey, though I hope it’s successful. It’s not a journey to continue to be relevant. I enjoy the process.”

You see that? He enjoys the process.

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