Hello from Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

Hello everyone, I am actually writing this blog post from the airplane on the way back from Lake Tahoe (which was sooooo picturesque) and I will admit that after 43 days straight of working I am starting to get a little tired. But then I remember all my students who I pledged to do anything and everything to help achieve their American dream. For those reasons alone it keeps me going and gives me the passion and strength.

The pictures you see above are from Lake Tahoe where, like you, I attended seminars to better myself and help meet new connections that will benefit my organization and my students. This convention was put on by CEO Space led by Bernhard Dorhrman who I meet at another event, which by the way is the best place to meet like-minded individuals. Anyway there were about 800 people from all business backgrounds there to network and try to find the synergies. I meet so many cool people and came up with so many business ideas that I can’t wait to implement and share with you. I am also proud to announce that I will be joining the CEO Space Faculty talking about partnering and real estate at their next May event. Bye the way to get in tight with CEO Space I used the same techniques I teach in the partnering class, which proves that with the right scripts and formula anything is possible. I also meet some great new people to be on my radio show and great contacts to be featured in magazines to get free press.

If you attended the event you would never know that there was a recession. The entrepreneurs there where making it big and were so willing to share their successes and how to with everyone. I guess that’s the point, in this economy, there is no recession if you create your own economy. I am going to be sharing all of these new ideas I learned at the Chicago 2 day on April 5 & 6th. Register now at www.jtfoxxlive.com for more details.

Now I am off to teach the 360 Real Estate Investor Class (Foreclosure, Networking and Marketing), meetings about real estate deals and radio business. Busy day ahead….

Remember keep pushing, the rewards are great and promising at the end of the tunnel I promise

Your Friend

JT Foxx

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