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Positive Economic News Coming out of Asia

Singapore and Thailand have reported steady improvement in August exports. This is great news considering these are two of Asia’s most influential economies. The good news can also indicate signs of global recovery. This is something everyone is ready to hear! CIMB-GK economist Song Send Wun said, “With the fear factor diminishing, Asian exporters are starting to benefit from global inventory restocking”. Fear is something that has been driving all economies down, and it seems to be unavoidable. No one wants to make a mistake, and many people feel as though they are walking on eggshells when making deals. Its time to be bold and realize that bad times do turn around, but people must be willing to make it happen. In the meantime, here is to Asia’s continuing recovery!

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Massachusetts Does it

Everyone has an opinion on the new health care reform plan, but no other state has a stronger more rightfully biased opinion than those living in Massachusetts. Massachusetts already has mandated health insurance and it is showing the many hardships it provides. Even though health care is mandatory, there are still about 200,000 residents who remain uninsured. What about the people caught in the middle? They make too much to qualify for assistance, but not enough to cover the cost of new policies. How will Obama help these people? He says he plans to find a way, but it is close to impossible. The middle class Americans, who make up most of our population, are going to come to a crossroads and we already have proof.

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More Partnering Among the Big Guys

The importance of partnering these days cannot be stressed enough. Partnering, whether the company is huge or tiny, can help both parties to grow at such an extreme rate that you will be wondering why it did not happen sooner. All of the major movie studios are trying to partner up with Google owned Internet video phenomenon YouTube. The studios hope to merge together in order to start selling movie rentals through YouTube. It would be similar to Netflix and/or iTunes with a fee of around $3.99, but you would be able to play them instantly on your computer without any sort of monthly fee. Even cooler, they would offer new movies! Thus far, YouTube has been a completely free video website running solely on advertising support. YouTube currently holds partnership with Time Warner Inc. as well as Disney, and it is further proof of what partnering can do for a company. We have only seen YouTube rise, with their success they have managed to become a huge part of our culture and it is thanks, in large part, to the amazing partnerships they have accomplished.

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Is Cadbury Crazy?!

Have you heard of the British made candy “Cadbury”? Chances are, if you don’t live in Europe you have not, but if you see it, it probably would look familiar. Most of us see their crème filled eggs come out in full force around Easter. U.S. Food mega company, Kraft, recently offered Cadbury $16.7 billion to merge companies. A merger with one of the United States most beloved food companies (U.S. and food being the key dynamics here) sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Well apparently Cadbury didn’t think so, they rejected the offer stating that they are confident in their standalone strategy and growth prospects as a result of its brands. So maybe I am not in the food business, but this doesn’t seem like a smart move. Kraft could catapult that company into a worldwide household name. Partnering is so important in this world, there is no way for this to be stressed enough. The possibilities of a strong company working alone are immense, but the possibilities of two strong companies working together are endless. We will see if Cadbury can create a global household name for their company. Anything is possible, but Cadbury could be a powerhouse in the very near future if they were to partner with a company like Kraft.


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New Time!

JT Foxx’s KABC radio show has a new time slot. You can now listen to the explosive, provocative and informative radio show that teaches people techniques that work in today’s real estate market at 8 am every Saturday morning. No more being bumped by Dodgers baseball. So make sure to tune in, you will be so happy you did!

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Mortgage Fraud: Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgage is quickly becoming more and more popular among older adults. Along with any growing market comes fraud. This market is no different, and today we are finding these schemes are taking advantage of older adults. This seems to be one of the worst cases of fraud because many of these people are elderly, or just beginning retirement where they just want to relax. Reverse mortgage could make life a lot easier on them, but if they fall victim to fraud, they could be left with absolutely nothing.

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Canadian Real Estate Getting Stronger…Commercial, Not So Much

With the good news of Canadian real estate recently posting its fourth-strongest sales figure ever in the second quarter, commercial real estate seems to have nothing to bring to the table. But is this true? Most would argue it is not; Canadian commercial real estate is simply taking longer to get back on its feet than residential real estate. And while the economy is getting stronger with provinces like Quebec creating over 8,000 new jobs, it looks as though it is moving with the U.S. economy. There is a cycle to real estate, the question is, what part of the cycle is commercial real estate in?

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