More Partnering Among the Big Guys

The importance of partnering these days cannot be stressed enough. Partnering, whether the company is huge or tiny, can help both parties to grow at such an extreme rate that you will be wondering why it did not happen sooner. All of the major movie studios are trying to partner up with Google owned Internet video phenomenon YouTube. The studios hope to merge together in order to start selling movie rentals through YouTube. It would be similar to Netflix and/or iTunes with a fee of around $3.99, but you would be able to play them instantly on your computer without any sort of monthly fee. Even cooler, they would offer new movies! Thus far, YouTube has been a completely free video website running solely on advertising support. YouTube currently holds partnership with Time Warner Inc. as well as Disney, and it is further proof of what partnering can do for a company. We have only seen YouTube rise, with their success they have managed to become a huge part of our culture and it is thanks, in large part, to the amazing partnerships they have accomplished.

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