Why Do People Hate Successful People?

missile on target

Everybody grows up wishing for one thing.


I don’t think there’s a person alive who grows up thinking “Nah, I’d rather not be successful. I’d rather just live a boring, meaningless life”.

Maybe someone has – but not you.

The problem is, the more successful you become, the harder it gets. As you gain more exposure and become more of a “success”, the target on your back becomes bigger… and bigger… and bigger.

My coach kept repeating a quote to me that I’ll never forget. It went like this…

“The higher the monkey climbs up the tree, the more his ass is exposed.”

Everybody loves a “rags to riches” story.

But do you know what’s even better to the media?

A “riches to rags” story. Everybody is captivated by those who scaled the mountain of success and then came tumbling down.

Just think about Trump in the 90’s. People were obsessed with his story of bankruptcy and gossiped that “he’d never make it back”.

(Look at him now)

The Internet has made this problem even worse. It’s so easy to hide behind a wall and purposely hurt other people because nobody knows who you are. You aren’t accountable for your actions anymore. The sad part is, many business owners use this deceitful tactic to bring down their more successful competitors.

I can’t even begin to describe how many times I’ve been attacked by my competitors, POSING as unhappy students, even though there wasn’t a shred of truth in the statement. Worse, people actually believe it!

The old saying “If it’s on the Internet, it must be true”… is unfortunately very true.

The question is…

Why Do People Resort To Hating Successful People?

The first reason is jealousy. Many people get jealous and envious of people who have what they don’t have. They think they were “lucky” to get it… or were born with good genes… or born into the perfect family… or one of a million other excuses.

There are no excuses. I started my career with $974 to my name. Now my net worth is in the 8-figures. Do you think I was “lucky”? Absolutely not! I created my own luck by working myself to the bone for years on end (and continue to do so)… and sheer determination to make something better of my life.

The second reason is something called mirroring.

Since most people don’t accept responsibility for what happens in their life, they will seek out scapegoats, like successful people, to protect their egos. After all, they don’t want to admit that me or you are more successful than them because we’ve dedicated ourselves to achieving success. They don’t want to admit that they just aren’t driven to find success.

It’s easier for them to point the finger… because it takes pressure off of them to achieve something great.

Here’s the point I’m heading towards.

You Are Who You Hang Out With

It’s NOT easy being successful today, but it IS worth the effort because, in my eyes, their is no reason for being alive if you aren’t striving towards success. You just have to take steps to counteract the attacks. The moment you become a target in the spotlight, people will stop at no ends to thwart your success.

It’s pathetic, but it happens.

Whether you’re successful now, or WANT to become successful, you need to develop the habit of hanging around other people who will uplift you, inspire you and drive you to achieve even greater levels of success.

Criticism isn’t easy to handle. Haters will always be haters and if you want to become successful you must learn to ignore them and spend more time with people “on your level”.

That’s why my business model focuses on holding LIVE events. I’ve set them up in a way that I literally can’t be successful unless I make YOU successful.

By attending one of them, you’ll be surrounded by people in the exact frame of mind you’re in. They are all on their way to becoming successful and can uplift you and inspire you to do the same. No one at these events is there to criticize you… if they do… they get kicked out immediately.

Right now, we’re running two major workshops in countries all around the world.

Workshop #1: The C7 Business Model Workshop

This is geared towards business owners or up-and-coming business owners who want to take their business to the next level. Throughout it I literally GIVE AWAY my entire business model, in response to my ex personal coach stealing mine. Instead of letting him benefit from it, I’m letting YOU take it for your own.

Go here to get more information.

Workshop #2: The Below Market Value Tour

This is for those looking to add a new income stream to their life and get fabulously wealthy through real estate. It’s for anybody, business owner or employee. Since you’ll discover how to buy properties at 30% – 50% below market value, it drastically reduces any “risk” most people normally have in real estate.

This, again, reveals my exact model I personally use to buy my own real estate in countries not just in the United States… but in 13 different countries around the world.

Go here to get more information.

The bottom line is this – if you want to be successful you need to do two things. Ignore the haters, and spend more time with people trying to achieve the same success you are.

Our workshops are held for one specific purpose. To make YOU successful and connect you with hundreds of others looking to accomplish the same goal.

I hope you’ll check one of them out and join us.


  1. Callet

    That’s true,people don’t want you to be succesful,instead they want you to be in the same league as them-of being failures and complaining.One should step out of his comfort zone and grab opportunities out there.Its my third year in business and I bilieve with the right tools and hanging out with successful entrepreneurs,I will make it.Thanks for the good work you are doing.

  2. Garrick Douthwaite

    Point well made. I have been throroughly inspired since attending “MegaPartneringAfrica.” It is essential to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. I am really looking forward to attending the upcoming events. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  3. Dean Posnikoff

    I completely agree. Over the years I have noticed that similar behaviour with my friends I had weather they were jelous or envious but nothing positive came from them. Needless to say they are former friends, but I try to keep a watchful eye on any new friends I make also.

  4. Meshack

    Good Day Mr JT Foxx,

    Reading this block of yours has made me now to bounce back and fight back to be successfully. Its true what you saying that if you want to be successful stick with successful people so you can catch their flu of success. I can identify business opportunities and complete project but I lack the final continuity to close the deal to the client. Can you please mentor me on those aspects


  5. Ben Wessels

    There are so many levels of success. I thought i was a very successful person in my day job- best seller, best negotiator, excellent relationship with my clients and colleagues. The success summit changed my outlook totally.There is more out there. Thanx for bringing us Mega partnering. Wow. I don’t want to miss C 7 and BMV. Already booked with guests. “A brain once expanded to this size can never grow back to the original size”. Bring it on!!!!!!!!

  6. Corinne Smit

    Hi JT. Foxx, thank you for sharing your C7 business model. May you reap the rewards by harvesting your investment in your pupils. I think it is a great testimony to turn something which must have been extremely painful into something so positive. Mega Partnering Africa was absolutely great, and I feel super privileged to get a chance to experience your practical teachings once more. You truly are a life changer. Thank you once again.

  7. JonT aka Aim

    Looking forward to the C7 tour and the Below Marketing tour in South Africa. I want to climb higher up that tree. To those South Africans who have not been to a JT Foxx Event when he says Quality people attend his events he means it 😉

  8. Khanya Ngonyama

    Hi JT. This piece hits the nail on the head. This also happens in families whereby the less successful members become jealous of a more successful relative. People who love successful people have healthy self-esteem. Those who hate winners suffer from the PhD (Pull him/her Down) Syndrome.

  9. Ruth Coetzee

    Excellent JT – this is exactly what one does experience. As someone who is working at getting my business thriving part time, I get knocked each day for even trying by various bodies and situations that try and prove to me that it cannot be done. One absolutely needs the input and support from bodies working towards the same goals as yours and just making more of their lives and adding value to the community and the world as a result. Having attended all your events in SA, I can truly say its a fight and culture shock to return back to my job after having spent time with others that know where they are going and what they want to achieve. To keep me focussed, I listen to your CD’s (and Ipod) each day and now I have my photo with you and George Ross right in front of me on my desk – reminding me what I want to achieve . . . . . . surrounding me with the positiveness that I need !! IT IS all about who you know . . . . . . .

  10. Joy Megas

    Wow! I am constantly amazed, humbled and inspired by J T. I have heard this advice from many successful entrepreneurs, but I have only experienced it since I began as a coaching student with Top One. As I implement the strategies J T & staff has taught me, I’ve noticed not only are people recognizing and identifying me as successful but also nay say and challenge my success as important. It’s as if people are more comfortable with me being mediocre than phenomenal. Thanks JT and staff for believing in me and helping me learn real and measurable results for making 1 million in revenue in the next year (18 months counting)

  11. Heidi Duvenage

    Couldn’t agree more! The highest trees always get the most wind. The more success we get, the easier it is for people to point fingers! But then I always respond with 1 simple question: What have YOU done lately?

  12. Winky Bester

    JT Foxx, I thank you for the opportunity to you provide me to become a more successful person and in my strive for success. YOU will most definitely stand out as an outstanding mentor, who shows the world and your haters that you will not accept being a target, as you move to fast and they need to adjust their focus all the time to keep up, which make them slower. The gazelle know it must outrun the Lion, otherwise it will be killed and unfortunately for your haters,this apply to them also and it make them slow, as you will outrun them each time! Good for you! You will be the last one standing – Steve Bradbury! You Go JT Foxx!

  13. chioma

    You see Mr. Foxx, l am not jealous of anyone that made. l am a christian and always rejoice with anyone that made it in life,but most people feel like once they have made it , that anyone that did not make it is a dumb or is lazy or does not want to take action.those that made it forgot that all heads are not equal and always like to look down on people because you have gotten the the money, you do not like to help people. Everything is money, no one like do favor to people. They like to sub people like you Mr. Foxx, you did it to me in Chicago when you had mega partnering about two or three years ago. You were coming out from the classroom or whatever you call it, l was trying to ask you a question, you snubbed me as if l was not a human being. this was the time you brought Mr. Trump’s lawyer, l have forgotten his name. When God has bless you, glorify Him and use your blessing wisely. Thanks.

  14. Bev Wilkins

    This has been a tough journey sir. So sad to see the prongs of jealousy reach out and try to impale you. Keep up your amazing work and KNow that some day the good always does return.. I hope to be present some day soon. My dear spouse is going through some health challenges, so I must be there for him ..but I hope some day to allow all my enthusiasm to rise again and inspire . May I learn from your example. Dignity under fire. Bev

  15. Annelise

    Hi JT – your article means a lot to me, I actually want to print parts of it and put where I will see it every day. I have just been through a similar situation. I was betrayed by a person who was a very good friend for 16 years, who knew everything regarding my business, wanted to buy it, and then decided to rather try to steal it. So I fully understand your hurt with Meir. In this process, she turned an organisation against me that I have serviced for 18 years – and have taken over my contract with them. All in the name of Charity! Well, I do not care how noble your cause is – you do now screw people – not even in the name of “saving the world”!

    My favourite quote is: “For everything you have lost, you’ve gained something else. And for everything you gain, you lose something”. I hope you gain lots more than you have lost!! I Take care xx

  16. neil bailey

    success, is another undefinable term, what is good for the goose is not necessally good for the gander, but consumptive profiling , another term for bragging, will inevitably solicit envy

  17. Ross Virgin, Toronto, Canada

    1) Good for you J.T. Never give in to attackers. You have achieved far more
    than they have.
    2) Great line, and true, “The tallest trees get whipped by the most wind.”
    3) Definitely hang with successful people (as you do), since they respect your
    achievements. And they boost you to more victories.
    4) Lawyers and journalists (known as maggots by Toronto Mayor Rob
    Ford), will always snipe at the successful, since they cannot be as
    successful themselves (Ford gained more votes than any candidate
    in Canadian history).

    5) Do hope, J.T., you or the group may be able to start using litigation
    against those who attack. It is one of the only deterrents available.
    It is powerful. You will know your radio managers always instruct:
    “Don’t get us sued.” because litigation always damages the radio
    station. Also, lawyers can be disbarred by their governing bodies….
    and should be, in many cases.
    6) Keep fighting, J.T. You are on the winning side, with the rest of us
    and all your students. They value immensely what they have
    learned from you, as you value George Ross, Trump, Nido, Raymond
    Aaron and the many other positive people in the group. Good work
    J.T. Keep on truckin….. Ross Virgin, Toronto, [email protected]

  18. Mark Torok

    I’m not so sure it is jealousy that causes people to try and bring others down. I think that is a very ego-centric view of the world, that people are jealous of others success and therefore need to hurt the other person. I think instead that it is usually a case of being snubbed or having committed some perceived wrong against the person, whether it is not following through on a promise or even perhaps a sincere belief that the person is wrong and the flip side should be put out there (i.e. that what the person preaches is incorrect and they want to set the record straight). It could also be that you have discovered many wonderful ways to be successful and the person lacks the moral fortitude to not steal them and thus gain success for themselves (however ill earned). There are those out there that do think that the way to their own success is through condemning the success of others. But usually I think it is because of some slight or perceived error towards the complainer or merely the attempt to copy the success of another. I for one, admire the success you have had and the students you have helped. If though, I thought that anything you or your organization suggested was incorrect or illegal for any of my clients or students, I would point it out. But that’s debating the particular issue; not attacking the organization.

    I like what George Ross said when you asked him about this. he said it comes with the territory. Do what you believe is right, respond in a measured and careful way if possible, and then let it go. There will always be different kinds of people in this world; don’t deal with those you don’t trust or like. If you’re sure you are right, do it and don’t worry about what others say. You can’t please everyone and not everyone is suitable or worthy of your time and attention. Ignore them.

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