THIS WEEKEND: FREE Event in Toronto

I am so excited to be in Toronto this weekend train during my FREE no fluff all content event.  Now that the Bank of Canada has declared the recession as over, it’s your time to shine!  I will personally be there to invest in your future success, and all you have to invest is your time!  Some subject we will cover include:

•    Starting and growing a business in today’s post recession market.
•    How to evaluate Canadian and US real estate deals in less than 3 minutes.
•    How to brand yourself and your business.
•    Lean how to network like and with multi-millionaires.
•    Lean how I bought and sold and over 500 properties without using any of my own money.
•    Learn how to use social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace and Google) to get more deals, exposure and larger profits.
•    Learn also how Apple computer became one of the best businesses in the world and see how you can apply it to your business and life.
•    Learn how to find real estate partners to fund your deals and how private money does not work.

You REALLY do not want to miss out on this opportunity!  The event falls on
Halloween, but don’t worry, we will have some treats for you!  Just for attending you will
get free gifts and if you bring guests, you are in for an even bigger treat.  Anyone who
brings more than two guests will have a sit down meal WITH ME at the event.  Anyone
who brings more than 5 guests will automatically be eligible to be a part of my new
Canadian Mastermind group.  Membership is valued at $15,000, but in reality, it is
priceless when it comes to you and your success.  SO DON’T MISS OUT!!  Make sure
to register right now.  I guarantee you a great time and information crucial to your success!
Can’t get any better than that, right?


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