Think You Can Squeeze In?

The skinniest house in New York City is now on the market, and it has made national news. This home is 9 1/2 feet wide and 42 feet long; in other words, Shaquille O’neal could lay horizontally in this place with little room left above his head! But there is nothing skinny about the asking price, nope; this house has a fat asking price of $2.7 million. The buyer of this home will most likely buy it as a novelty, it is sort of iconic in that it is one of the most photographed homes in New York, and that is saying a lot. Not to mention the one of a kind address they will have, 75 1/2 Bedford Street. It is great to hear of real estate that is more than just price per square footage; so awesome that such a small piece of property can have such a large impact on people.

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