The Recession Can be a Lonely Time

Literally, this could not be truer for a family in Fort Myers, Florida who are the only tenants of a 32-story high-rise condominium.  When you first hear that, it sounds sort of cool, right?  Having your own high-rise, the possibilities are endless!  Never have to worry about having other people at the pool, your own personal gym, no awkward morning elevator conversations, when you have guests they will always have parking.  Then you start to think about what this really means.  It turns into a deserted land!  The fountains do not run, lobby doors are permanently locked, and the guest sign-in sheet has not been signed since the beginning of the year.  This is all a result of the economy.  This particular family put a down payment on the property four years ago during Fort Myers’ housing boom.  It looked as though the future was bright (and full), and this 200-unit condo was a hot commodity.  Everyone would want a piece!  With the recession, the other tenants never closed their contracts.  While it is not unusual these days to come across a story about what happened to the people who bought during the real estate boom before the recession, it is incredibly odd to hear a story like this one.  What are the odds?  My favorite part is, even though they know there is no one else around, they still park in their assigned parking space.  It is sort of sad though; it is as if they are hoping that if they do, maybe, just maybe, others will come.  What would you do with a brand new luxury high-rise condominium all to yourself?  Maybe you could just tell everyone you bought out the building!

Check out the article HERE, it is definitely eerie to think about.

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