The “New” American Dream

“It’s time to accept that home ownership is not a realistic goal for many people and to curtail the enormous government programs fueling this ambition”, writes Thomas J. Sugrue. The American people are used to making adjustments, and this economy has come as no exception. While the familiar American dream entails owning your own home, the current American dream seems to only require a roof over your head. Many people are seeing today’s market as the renters market, no longer the buyers market, which actually, works well for real estate investors. Unfortunately, owning a house today has turned into a nightmare for so many. When times change, goals do too. It is really interesting to see how this shift occurs, how people begin to perceive happiness differently. The American dream is always attainable (and adjustable); never forget that.

Check out this great article I came across about today’s renting market.

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