The Morning After

Yesterday was the last day of the popular government funded program, Cash for Clunkers, and today the auto dealers must be asking “Now What?” The response was overwhelming up to the last minute. Now it seems almost impossible to imagine people going out to buy cars. Auto sales were down to record lows before this program began, and now it is time for the dealers to face the economy again. Now that all of the excitement is over, we have to look ahead and wonder how this program will have affected the auto industry. Were some of the sales over the past month stolen sales from the fall and winter? Or maybe the whole program will have a lasting affect and keep people in the car-buying mode. With sales increasing up to 30% in one month, no one can really complain. After all, that is MUCH better than nothing. Everyone seems to be happy right now, but all eyes will be on the auto industry to see what will happen next.

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