The Game of Real Estate has now Changed Again!!!


This weekend in Chicago I am teach you how the new 800 Billion dollar stimulus is going to affect the real estate market. In fact although I am not in favor of this provision I do think it is going to short term positive effect on the real estate market and there will be key niches in real estate that you will be able to profit greatly. Find out 25 news ways (Yes I am you some new stuff again) to make a fortune in real estate in the middle of a recession and a 5 trillion dollar bailout. Here are some of the few topics I am going to cover

1) Putting yourself in the Right Mindset
2) The Real Estate Millionaire Quiz
3) Overcoming Fear and Procrastination
4) Increasing your Investing Confidence
5) How to Evaluate deals in Todayʼs Market
6) Going through a deal from start to finish — Just like I do!
7) Rehabbing
8 ) Seller Financing
9) Foreclosures
10) Negotiating
11) Finding Partners when Banks are not Lending
12) How to Brand Yourself
13) Learn how to Network like and with Multi-millionaires
14) Flipping in a Down Market
15) Buy and Hold for Real Wealth
16) How to use your IRA to buy Properties
17) Contract Assignment
18) Buying Properties with No Money
19) How to Avoid Costly Real Estate Mistakes (learn from the many I made early on!)
20) Real Estate in a Box “The Future of Real Estate Investing”
21) Avoid Getting Sued
22) Setting up a Turn-key Back Office
23) Learn to Develop a Hands-off Virtual Office
24) How to go through the MLS to find GREAT Deals
25) How to Build Long Lasting, Profitable Relationships
26) Earn More and Work Less Investing in Real Estate
27) Learn how to become part of the Countryʼs Top 1% Income Earner

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  1. David Zagorsky

    I was on tonight’s Conference Call. I mentioned the problem of the FHA 90 Day Anti Flipping Rule.

    Another listener thought this rule is not a problem as it takes some time to prepare a property for resale.

    Please caution “Flippers” that they MUST take the effect of a declining market into their analysis of profitablity of a deal.

    I believe that it is better to be safe than sorry and not to think I am smarter than the market.

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