The Apple Isn’t Rotting

Apple has released some interesting information on the state of their company.  It seems as though the only woes they are crying, are those of not being able to meet their demand for the iPhone and Macintosh computers.  Apple has reported a 15% jump in quarterly profit, and is certainly a company still thriving in this down market.  iPod sales are shown to have slipped, mostly likely because the iPhone is an iPod in itself.  But this does not worry the company, who recently had their best non-holiday quarter ever with profits of $1.2 billion on revenue of $8.34 billion.  And, I mean really, they are still are selling the iPod with every purchase of an iPhone.  This is a great example of how a business can thrive, even when the economy is down.  You must make the consumer or client believe that they need it.  If it is a necessity, the price does not seem to matter.  The iPhone is not exactly cheap, especially because you cannot have it without purchasing the pricey media package.  But because of it’s capabilities, it has become necessary in the eyes of the consumer.  Most people cannot even imagine life before their iPhone!  Apple knows how to speak to their demographic, and for that, they will most likely always thrive.

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