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Yahoo and Other Businesses Making the Move Away from Telecommuting

yahoo_logoLast week, when it was revealed that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer; had plans to change the current format of Yahoo, a great deal of debate arose regarding the presence of remote workers in businesses today. Mayer openly released a statement revealing that she would be banning telecommuting among Yahoo employees as a way to build a more collaborative work environment. However, with Yahoo’s long term business model which has had a strong reliance on ‘work from home’ employees; there has been some backlash from the decision, primarily from the telecommuting workers who will now have to change their current work style to fit in with the new Yahoo model.

The decision to make the change at Yahoo is the same decision that many other smaller companies have been making as well in an effort to grow their business and build a stronger sense of community within their offices. However, since the Yahoo change will be impacting more than 11,500 employees; the decision has gotten a great deal of attention. However, in a difficult market where it is imperative for managers to make certain their team is performing at the highest level possible, changes like this are often needed.

The goal behind the new Yahoo reformation is to help employees make better connections and to build a stronger more community based work force within the company. While many current employees who will have to give up their work from home status to start working from a more traditional office setting are speaking out against the change; other experts in the business field are weighing in as well.

Acclaimed business coach JT Foxx is one of the many business gurus who is supporting the decision and who is helping to shed some light on why many companies today will need to eventually move away from the telecommuting model. Foxx; who has spoken out in many of his coaching seminars about proper techniques to managing team members supports the move by Yahoo and many of the other companies that are deciding to bring their employees as a way to implement more effective leadership within an organization. While the movement back towards more traditional office settings is one that is causing some uproar among telecommuting employees it is a decision that many companies are making after discovering the positive impact that re-instilling a sense of community can have on many companies today.