Serious Update on J.T. Foxx's Health

Sorry guys for not updating you or having our weekly teleconference calls lastly. I have actually been very sick for the last 2 weeks and just now starting feeling better. I had bronchitis, Laryngitis and a sinus infection which made it impossible for me to speak. But after countless drugs I now have my voice back and looking forward to getting things back to normal. I will be heading out to Canada on Christmas Eve to see my family, friends and a few students. Then on the 27th I will be heading to Costa Rica for much deserved rest. I honestly can say between real estate, business, radio and teaching I really worked hard and pushed myself in 2008 but I believe that hard will pay off huge in 2009. I have laid a solid foundation to build the rest of my American Dream. I think 2009 will be my students and I biggest year of all time. This is not the time to slow down and like me you should push yourself hard because that hard work will pay off for many years to come. Many destinies will be shaped in the upcoming year and I promise to be there for you to help take it to the next level. Thanks for your patience and your prayers.

You’re Friend
J.T. Foxx

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