Progress Since "Partnering Your Way to Millions" class July 9-10

I got this great email the other day and wanted to share it with you guys.  It makes me so proud when my students are so open to learning, once you open that door to education, the sky is the limit in both your self improvement and wealth improvement.

“Hi JT,
The dust is just briefly settling here, and I want to let you know of your impact. California for one thing had
quite an effect on me; truly something in the air there, the color of the sun, the palm trees and the ocean, it’s not like any place I have been before. I think that environment served to set the stage for the wake up. Fortunately for me I listened, I really listened to what you said, and I had to figure why some of if didn’t feel authentic to me. Once I realized I was mostly lacking a kind of maturity, I was able to quickly get clear of what I want in life and how I want to act while and when I get it.  I have just bought a house(I consider it an investment house – I set out criteria to ensure it’s a money maker). It was the third one I looked at, and it just felt right, so I bought it. I almost got cold feet, and I didn’t know why at first, because I have bought a house on my own before. After finishing the paperwork on the offer to purchase, I was walking home(I don’t have a car), I felt pretty alone, and doubting myself – It was a right of passage; I now know I have the guts for the investment game and I know I can do it on my own if I have to. I had to call in my money favors, and borrowed against an insurance policy, and of course used the RRSP’s, but the big surprise is that I had fun doing it.  So since your course I have a new found maturity to serve me in the investment game, and I know I have the fortitude(I’ve had a few lawsuits in my past that helped with that as well), and most importantly, I have a passion for it.  No small deal; I think I got my money’s worth.  I am going to Vegas in August for George Millers course and then back home to move, and then the sky is the limit.  I am pretty excited about this next chapter in my life and I owe it to 2(probably 3 – George Miller) really great teachers: you and Bill Walsh. By the way, I love your candor, I think you are pretty entertaining(I have always got to have fun where ever I go)So thank you and I will keep in touch.



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