The Power Of A Celebrity Brand


Recently you may have noticed Apple coming out with their newest iPhone ad using celebrity Jamie Foxx. Seeing this ad, I am instantly reminded about the power of a celebrity brand and how important it is for a company. I then think of how I can help relate this to my students, helping them in their business. In truth, products must find some level of fame before consumers will buy them.

So how do you do this? It boils down to the sell.

The fact is, people want what others cannot have, and they wont buy until they see others buying it and wanting it. It is your job to create the demand for your own product.

Understanding demand means being precise about who wants what and how much of it. Your goal is to develop a demand chain, a collaborative network of media and retail that makes people want your product.

Be Everywhere

  • –    Get in the Media: reach out to local news stations / magazines. You would be surprised how many journalists are looking for for their next hot story…so give it to them.
  • –    On social media, you want to be where your target audience is looking and where they will be looking in the future. Create ads that tie into what they are already liking and how your product fits in to make their lives even better
  • –    Perception equals reality. Be seen networking with other game changers in your city / nation and get them to mention your company and how great it is.
  • –    Testimonials: feature customer reviews everywhere where your target audience will be looking. That includes your website, finding affiliates to work with you, social media, blogs, product pages. Getting the most testimonials helps you show everyone else from their point of view how great you are and how you changed their life. Customers trust testimonials from their fellow shoppers.


Create an Exclusive Club

Once a person becomes a repeat customer, you’ll want to reward them and make them feel appreciated. Creating an exclusive club for your loyal customers gives them access to certain promotions. Some companies offer loyal customers a tier system where they are given more perks depending upon their status.

Remember, when attempting to generate customer demand, you have to realize that no one will listen to you until you make them listen. Be tenacious. Don’t give up.

To Your Success,

JT Foxx

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