My Friend The Internet Tycoon Joel Comm

Joel Comm

Last week I was in beautiful Napa Valley networking with some of the greatest speakers and authors of our time and one of the people I made an immediate connection with was Joel Comm. Some of you may know Joel as the guy who figured out how to make Google’s Adsense a money-pumping oil well and then turned around and wrote a New York Times best-selling book about it – The Adsense Code.

Many who implemented his recommendations and teachings have generated significant passive income which continues to this day. So when he told me he was releasing his new book this week, I wanted to make sure I got the word out to all my friends and students. If you have a business or have ever wanted to make money on the internet, then this new book is a must read. In the book he cornered over forty internet marketers and forced them to document how they began, what makes them tick, and also reveals:

– Why did they decide to start selling online?
– What were they doing before they started selling online?
– Were there any specific, duplicatable qualities that made them successful?

So if you’ve ever wished you could have a personal conversation with one of the top internet marketers and ask how they made the transition from “normal” life to Internet Marketing rock star, Joel has gone out and done it. Hear more about Joel’s story and his new book this weekend on the radio show and in the mean time you will definitely want to claim your copy
of this book at the link below.

J.T. Foxx

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