Meeting with Robert Kiyosaki and Private Plane Ride

Robert and JT

I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad this past week. We talked politics and business and it was amazing how four years ago I was reading his book and now I am having a business meeting with him. The point is that anything is possible and as long as you have a dream and that fire in the belly you will make it and you too will make your mark on this world.

To add to that dream day after the great partnering class, I took a private plane back from Phoenix to LA. The best part is that the private belonged to one of my students who was attending the partnering class. It was so fun and I also took Adam and Mark, two students of mine along for the ride to LA. Special thanks to Rick and Frank for the cool ride, you guys are great pilots.

P.S. Finally boarding a plane without taking my shoes off and being patted down…


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  1. Rod

    Robert Kiyosaki has to be one of the best millioniare promoters around. If you can get average people to pay 100k for coaching you are doing something right! Why We Want You to be Rich is the first book of his that I read and it really opened my eyes.

    Roddrick Phillips

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