J.T. Goes to the Cubs Game with one of his Mentoring Students

JT Mario
Wrigley Field

Hey everyone, good morning. I am actually happy it is Monday. After playing golf with a couple of students and my lawyer on Friday, I spent the rest of my weekend on catching up on my to do list. The list had121 items long and I actually got 82 of them done. There is no greater feeling when you have a to do list and you can just knock it all out. I like to do the 10 before 10 that Bill Walsh teaches. When you knock out 10 things from your todo list before 10 you find yourself much more productive. So start doing this and including in your daily schedule.

I also went to the Cubs-Cards game last night with one of my mentoring students and his son. We were both celebrating a deal we just got a contract on. Its over 100K in profits… Like I tell a lot of people, I don’t invest in deals I invest in people first and Mario and I have become very close as a result and are looking forward to doing many other deals together. The only problem is that I thought our seats were a little far as you can see in the picture but you can’t win them all I guess..lol. I hope you guys now see the value in mentorship and the power it can do to change your life. i did not catch a foul ball like I did at Dodger Stadium…lol

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Have a great Monday!!!

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