JT Foxx, Donald Trump, Gordon Ramsay, Simon Cowell – Do They Belittle People?

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JT Foxx… the Simon Cowell of the Business World?

Here is the cold, hard truth. If what you are doing now has not gotten you to where you want to be, and you keep doing the same things over and over again expecting different results, that’s just plain insane.

Someone said that they heard from someone’s friend’s sister (see how crazy this is going to be) that I belittle people at events. Well, before I respond, you truly have to understand the three personalities of JT Foxx:

a. Stage JT Foxx
b. Business JT Foxx
c. Personal JT Foxx

Click here to read about all 3 of my personalities. This was one of my most widely read blog posts.

Many of my events are free, and I speak to audiences all over the world. Many people have already attended loads of seminars prior to mine, and they come to my event looking for a miracle. Becoming successful does not take a miracle, but it does take a lot of different parts all working together at the same time. I cannot tell you how many times people approach me with bad business ideas and wild partnership proposals. Before I start speaking at almost every seminar, I ask the audience if I have permission to be as blunt as possible and tell it how it is. Of course, 100% of the hands go up.

One of the things I am most famous for is the ability to put someone on stage, and just by looking at them and asking a few very simple questions, be able to determine whether or not they will be successful. How do I do that? Well, that’s for another blog, or maybe for my new book, but it has a lot to do with body language. I will give them an honest opinion, often very blunt, about what’s wrong and what’s right. Often times people will immediately get defensive and will start giving me 5000 excuses or argue with me about how this is really a great idea. Most people end up seeing the light and thanking me afterwards for the most enlightening 3-5 minutes of their lives. Their whole lives they have been going to seminars and people around them have been telling them how great their ideas are. My job is to tell them the truth and show them a better way. But sometimes there is an adverse reaction in the crowd when I do this. Even though the person I just coached live on stage said it was the greatest business enlightenment of their lives, some of the audience members gather around together and claim that I was attacking the person.

Would you argue with Simon Cowell or Donald Trump?

On American Idol, between Simon, Paula and Randy, who made more money? Why has the Apprentice been on for 11 seasons? It’s because Mr. Trump says it how it is. Chef Gordon Ramsay destroys people on his TV shows, and Pierce Morgan has made a career out of being blunt and saying it how it is. I find it comical when someone on American Idol does a really bad job, then argues with Simon that they will prove them wrong or tells them how good they sound. I strongly believe that I am successful today, and many clients all over the world come see me speak, because they like my no BS, straight to the point, and blunt approach. My job is not to sugarcoat it for them and make them feel good, my job is to get results. My coach George Ross, Trump’s right had man, is as blunt as can be. He has been with Mr. Trump for 40 years, and I am telling you there are times when he was coaching me when I wanted to crawl under a rock because he was so blunt. But it was his tell it how it is approach that allowed me to change who I am so I can become a better person, and a better business person. Trump, Ramsay, Cowell and myself don’t go out of our way to hurt people, but will go out of our way to give our honest opinion so people can have a shot at success.

There isn’t anything I teach or preach that isn’t done to me. Sure, people can go to other seminars and dance around, but that’s just hype. When people don’t succeed and they come to my events, I take it personally. My business is powered by my clients’ success.  If people want to attack me for being blunt and telling the truth, so be it, but when I go to bed at night I know I gave that person the right advice so that one day they can look back and thank me for doing something that no other speaker, family member, or friend had the balls to do…tell them the truth, but more importantly, how to change. That’s not belittling, that’s someone who cares…

They say the truth will set you free, but in my case, it bites back 🙂


  1. Muhammad Siddique

    I LOVE straight forward and blunt approach. Until we can handle the truth, there is no way to be successful.

    Real truth comes from acknowledging the fact, where we are today which is Point A. Most people do not know or do not want to admit their Point A or may be do not even know their point A. When some one like JT Foxx tell them they get offensive. Cold hard fact is until we know our point A, there is NO way to get to the point B. Knowing your Point A is 80% of your success. So thank you JT.

  2. Lynette Gerber

    When people are offended, they operate from a place of insecurity.
    If JT is right about them, there is no reason for offence.
    If JT is wrong about them, there is also no reason for offence, as the comments were not applicable to you.

  3. Arjan Bakker

    JT, you have been an inspiration and I just love how you talk. You know exactly what you are talking about and how to talk at and with people. I would like it no other way.

    You have pointed me in the right direction. The final kick in my ..s which I needed to change. Yesterday was my last day with a JOB. Currenty I am working on 3 seperate businesses, all connected with each other, but all are different.

    I will be very happy to give you an update of the progress at the end of October, because I am preparing for an expo with 2 of my companies around the 20th October!

  4. Lihle King Xolile Junior Nxoyi

    There is no way of putting the truth the wrong way, the reason why people don’t like being told the truth is because they don’t want to hear the truth, we see things as we are, not as they are…!!

  5. Nazli

    Yes the old saying that the truth will set you free or in some cases confirm what they already know deep down and it hurts . But it is good to get that second opinion to set them free and enable them to move on
    My family is brutally honest which is a blessing most of the time

  6. Ruth Coetzee

    JT Foxx says it like it is – if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. From the very 1st time I encountered him, I labelled him the no-nonsense guy, somebody that is comfortable with who he is and knows his business. He has lived up to that name and for that I am eternally grateful. He rattles your cage and makes you uncomfortable, but only to get you to change and move forward. He will take you to where you need to go and you will have to accept his way of getting you there. Most people cannot accept when people are straight to the point, but they know deep down its correct – JT is no different, but he does this to get you to take action and have a good long hard look at yourself and what you are doing. JT – you rock, no matter what anybody says!

  7. Nelson Verissimo

    I have assisted 3 JT Foxx events so far and seen him giving direct comments about ideas or ways to do things in order to achieve their goals.
    Being positive and/or negative have one single reason: SUCCESS!
    When you get JT’s direct attention either way, it simply means that you have the potential in his eyes to be a real player in the market.

  8. Giovanna

    As a coach it’s your responsibility to tell the truth to people. People might get upset first but after a while they will realise that what you said was crucial for them to grow. Then the real, important, sustainable changes will happen in their lives.

    I don’t think you are an arrogant person JT. It’s the other way around. I think you are so generous that you are willing to help so many people around the world. Keep up the great job! YOU are great.

    Giovanna ( from Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

  9. Rory Atkinson

    While JT can be blunt and even harsh, I can pretty much guarantee that 99.9% of the time the person he is speaking to NEEDS to hear what he has to say. They may not want to hear it, they may even already know it or they may be very glad to finally hear the truth but one thing is for sure, it is exactly what they need to hear. Sometimes its best to hear the truth and thanks to JT Foxx and his coaching team I have seen a marked improvement in my business success. What JT and the team say is not a miracle cure for poor business skills but rather a good solid dose of cold hard truth. Almost every time my coach has given me cold hard truth it has saved or made me money. Simple conclusion… The truth hurts, but it gets results! Thanks JT and Coach Marco for the truth! See you in a few days time in Johannesburg, SA for some more cold hard truth.

  10. Dennis DeLoach

    JT is a no nonsense leader who has the gift of seeing your full potential, even if you don’t. He knows the path to maximize your talents – if you are willing to check your ego at the door. Thanks JT, very few people in life have the guts you do to truly tell people what they need to succeed!

  11. Focus

    It’s my first time to come across the name JTFoxx, I’ve been following the big wigs like Trump, Welch and Kiyosaki; I believe if he is as blunt as everyone says and not just sensationalising I’ll learn quite a lot from him. So looking forward to his visit in Botswana.

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