Why You Won’t Succeed…(Unless!)JT Foxx Success Review

Success is not easy. In fact, making your first $100,000 will probably be the second hardest thing you do in business. The first one is making your first million. Ironically making your second million will be one of the easiest things you do. Why is that? First of all, one of the things that suppresses success more than anything is fear. Now to succeed, you need passion. Passion is not something you can teach or put int someone, you either have it or you don’t. My key to success is not buying properties, businesses, or stocks, I have succeeded because I have invested in people. That isn’t something I invented. In fact, I simply took what other people were doing and made it better. This is a classic wealth strategy called Conceptional Implementation.

I have taken from companies like Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, Virgin and Trump and applied their best practices and theories and have applied them to my businesses. The biggest mistake people make is that they try to see what their competitio
n is doing instead of trying to do it better. The market place has changed. Buyers are more skeptical and less loyal. If their curiosity is not picked they will walk away.

If you want to be successful you need to run your business with the following 2 business
1. How Can I Be The Best: Whether or not you are the best, when you go into to
business or establishing a culture of being the best, it creates a standard that can only
lead to better results. Businesses who run with the motto, “Well we did our best”, are
simply going to fail. Furthermore, most of these business owners work in their business
rather than on their business. Successful entrepreneurs hate to lose. Some may argue
that it is Steve Jobs’ hatred for Google that propelled them to where they are. As bad
as it sounds, everyone needs an enemy in business. Haters to push you, to drive you.
Not to prove them wrong, because even when you do the haters will never give you the
respect because they are simply jealous, but rather for yourself that you deserve to be
where you are. Haters have made me famous and have pushed me to be the best in the
world at what I do.


2. How Can I Make This Better: There are two skills I have learned from Donald Trump and Steve Jobs. Both these men have, (had in Jobs case), an obsessive nature to them to improve everything they touched. No detail was too small, from the color of an app button on the iPhone, to a sidewalk curve on one of Mr. Trumps golf course that he ordered demolished and rebuilt because it didn’t look straight. I couldn’t tell but I remember Mr. Trump saying, “If I can tell its not straight, people who pay 300,000 for my golf courses will too.”. Every morning during my strategic thinking sessions after my run and my steam room thinking session, I take one aspect of my business and I ask myself “How do I make this better?”. Based on the number of companies I own and deals I have done, those those philosophies.

So back to you. You want to succeed, so here is what you need to do. Spend 90% of your time doing the following 4 things:

1. Marketing
2. Branding
3. Building Relationships
4. Coaching

If you are going to succeed at these four things, it’s going to be imperative that you forget everything you know at this moment. If it has not gotten you to where you want to go and you keep doing the same thing, it isn’t needed. That is nothing short of the definition of insanity. Whatever your weaknesses are, fix them in the next 30 days and whatever your strengths are strengthen them for maximum impact. Focus on what you are great at and what will grow your life and business, delegate everything else to others. Stop thinking if things are too expensive, but do an cost / return analysis. Will it benefit you in the long run?

Success is not a hype, success is not even hard work anymore, success is doing the smart
thing and avoiding mistakes by learning from other people’s mistakes. Success is about
collaboration and constant innovation.

So how do you do all that? Where do you start? I invite you to come to one of my free
events where I will educate you on how to start on this right path, how to prioritize and juggle the right things to grow your business. I won’t have 15 speakers there trying to sell you anything, it is only pure content intended to help you to grow and succeed. Visit www.JTFoxxlive.com

So will you decide to succeed? If you are willing to change, yes. How you change is how you succeed. Remember what got you to your first $100,000, is not going to get you to your first million and what got you to your first 10 million has very little to do with how you made your first million. At every level you must press the reset button.

My whole life I was told I was never going to succeed and to this day I still hear them. The funny thing about haters is that when you walk on water they tell you it’s because you can’t swim. Ignore them and chose to grow from them, because together we will be the difference in each others success.  I wouldn’t be JT Foxx without all of you!

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  1. Eric Lassard The Game Changer

    Yes JT, this is so true. I am only 10 , well now almost 11, and when I started at 5 and told the world that I will be an inspirational speaker and I will write a book they said: oh yes you will one day! I said: no not one day, I do it now. And they said: writing and publishing a book is not a game. I told: yes it is! Life is a Game! Make Your Rules! and I did. My book is at the 3rd edition. There are still people who do not like this. I love them! Every time I meet one I set up a new game! I play and Win! Ghandi said: “First they will ignore you, than will fight you and than you will win! ” Always! Enjoy the Game ! Eric

  2. Muhammad Siddique

    Hi JT,
    Thanks for sharing and the kick. I live by this principal since I was in grade 8 without even knowing intentionally about this model. On May 27th, 1996, I landed on Toronto Pearson airport as new immigrant with few thousand dollar borrowed money in my pocket with no place to go. Now fast forward after 18 years, presently I am the Publisher of Billionaire Mentor Magazine, Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine, Real Estate Income Magazine and many more successful ventures around the world living fulfilling life. I still have the Revenue Mentor and getting coached by the smartest people on the planet. I had pleasure meeting you in person and got a chance to interact with number of your top coaches. With time I am blessed to have earned great understanding, respect and mastermind level sessions with your lead coach. So in closing, you are touching people’s lives and keep going. Go JT Go.

  3. Richard Bollo

    Great article!! Thank you for sharing it!!!!(it keeps reminding me to look at the big picture&stay focused) I hope you are well I am really,really looking forward to learn more from you!! I want to be your best student!! Richard

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