JT Foxx Lawsuit, SEO Strategy, & Reputation Management

Trump-ScotlandPeople have often asked me whether I have an SEO JT Foxx lawsuit and reputation management strategy and the answer is.. of course. Good reviews do not rise fast in Google (I have 1000’s) because people are too busy clicking negative reviews. People are often scandalized when an original lawsuit comes out. When they first come out, they are often one sided, puffed up and in some cases even frivolous. I am not saying most lawsuits are BS, although there are always two sides to the story and there is the truth. Although what I will tell you.. 99% of the time, the lawsuit get’s watered down because many of the things in the lawsuit gets stricken in motion because these things are either irrelevant or simply not true.

My coaches have always said to me, “If you are not getting sued, then you are not doing well”. Whether you like it or not, if you are successful you will get sued. You just have to accept it as a cost of doing business. It’s often a cost most entrepreneurs never anticipate or have even factored in. The problem when a frivolous BS lawsuits gets filed, take for example my case, even when you win, which we do every time and no one reports it to the media… all they remember was the initial lawsuit was filed. That is why entrepreneurs have to take matters in their own hands to protect their brand.

In my case, I will not name names (just wait because we are waiting to file a major lawsuit against them), but when the original lawsuit was reported, Mr. X paid an Indian SEO firm to negatively SEO (Send fake traffic and links to increase it’s authority) so that it showed on the first page of Google to seem like they could hurt me and force met to settle. I am thankful for having the best IT and SEO team who were able to spot it, track it down and tell me who ordered it. How is this fair to me? It’s not. It’s just part of the game. But be careful because if you get caught, it’s going to be very expensive for whomever goes after you.  When you start negative SEO campaigns you are just playing downright dirty.

Now in case you can’t relate, let me give another recent example. Today Donald Trump just won a lawsuit against a lady who was claiming in Chicago that after buying several condo’s Mr. Trump would give her a piece of the profits or parking and the ballroom. The original lawsuit claimed that Trump screwed this 89-year-old Grandma out of money. This is of course made news world wide and made Mr. Trump look like the bad guy. Well if you dig more into the case, which I have, this 89-year-old lady is quite savvy and wealthy therefore was not ignorant and there was a contract and nothing of her claims were in the contract. In fact if I am not mistaken the lawyers took this on contingency so he could build his name off of Mr. Trump. Result? Well today Mr. Trump won the case and barely anyone has reported it and the one’s that are, are attacking him saying that he bullied this 89 year old grandma and attacking him because he is ranting about winning on twitter. Mr. Trump did nothing wrong, in fact, this probably cost him $300,000 in legal fees which he will not get back, he wins and now we attack him because he wants the world to know he is vindicated. When you are at the top you will always be attacked but like Mr. Trump I can feel his pain and frustration.


1)   Protect your brand at all costs. Showcase and SEO hard the real truth of what is happening and drown the negative, which is damaging to your brand and business (Assuming the allegations are not true of course).

2)   No matter what the cost.. do not settle. Even if the initial bad press will hurt, in the end you will be vindicated. It’s what I did and it’s what Mr. Trump did.

3)   Don’t respond to negative critics and reviews because it only adds fuel to the fire. Rather than focusing on their business they increase their own might and stature by tearing others down. Life is already hard enough where we should help each other out and supports each others success.

4)   Don’t believe everything you read online because 70% is BS, made up by your competitors trying to hurt your business, or is that one disgruntled customer who is going on a rampage. We have caught two of my competitors doing this and their IP address led directly to their own personal home.

Being in business is not easy although when you figure it out, it’s one of the most thrilling experiences. Life is not measured by how much money you make, but rather how many lives you change. But in today’s economy changing lives comes at a price. Protect your brand at all costs.

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