JT Foxx Apologizes to Jacquelyn Lynn

When cooler heads prevail everyone wins.   Over the past few months there has been a war that is ongoing between Jacquelyn Lynn and I over comments posted on her blog.  I had originally considered these comments to be defamatory and false about my business and myself.  I do have one of the best legal teams that money can buy, and I pride myself on that fact.  My initial reaction was to make an example of Ms. Lynn, so others wouldn’t attempt to do the same things she had.  The first blog that she has written wasn’t actually a conspiracy against me as I had imagined but was in face complimentary about my SEO Strategy.  The first amendment does provide protection for freedom of speech and I must respect that freedom.  As a result Ms. Lynn got caught in the crossfire and so were some of her clients, I do give her kudos for standing up for what she believes in.  Many people who are very loyal to me did start to say things that shouldn’t have been, and when this happens no one really wins.  I am glad that we have all come to a resolution that will allow all of us to focus on what we do best.  Jackie matins a great blog with many useful tips and info especially on how to manage and control a blog that I recommend taking a look at.  I do apologize to her and anyone else who might have ben involved and am glad that this is over.  Hopefully one day we will all laugh at this, and the series of events that have taken place.  This matter is not closed and I will not comment on this issue anymore publicly o privately.  http://www.jtfoxx.com/jt-foxx-apology-jacquelyn-lynn

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