Investing in Love

Who would have thought that one of the businesses thriving in this market would be online dating?  It looks like when the economy is bringing the bad news, people want to turn to other people to lift their spirits up.  Online matchmaking sites like eHarmony and OKCupid have seen membership rise up to 50 percent since September!  And, of course, these memberships are not free, they can set you back 20 bucks a month.  It is interesting to see where people are investing their money these days.  Prioritizing has become crucial; your money only goes where you see absolutely fit and necessary.  It is nice to know that there are so many people turning to other people for support through these difficult times instead of turning to self destructive behaviors.  We have all heard of those who have taken their lives because they feel as though they could not handle the pressure.  Relationships are becoming a priority among many Americans, which only makes sense because in this harsh world, the reality is; we find comfort in having others on our team and having constant support.  It is great to come across news like this when we hear so much negativity everyday.  If anything, this economy has helped many to realize what they truly value in life.

Check out this article to see why experts say people are turning to relationships.



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