Important Lessons From Trump

As you probably know, I have a very close and special relationship with the Trump family. Eric Trump and I have partnered on MANY projects, especially when it comes to various charities, such as the Eric Trump Foundation which helps support the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to find cures for children with cancer.

Over the years, I’ve watched the Trump family with close eyes and have walked away with several key insights that any person walking down the path to success should take to heart.

Here are some of the most important lessons I’ve learned from Trump that will directly apply to you as well.

#1: Fail Forward

Failure is NOT something you should fear. Failure is something you should look forward to so you can learn from your mistakes, make sure you don’t repeat them, and tweak your approach for the next effort. Success takes time and does not happen overnight, regardless of what many “overnight millionaires’ will tell you. It’s the results of YEARS of failures, followed by getting back up again and trying again.

#2: Think Big

If anybody takes this to the extreme, it’s Trump. Trump thinks big in everything that he does. If you want big things for your life, you must develop the habit of thinking above and beyond what “normal” people would think of. If you want to build a business, don’t think of how you can serve your local community or make a few hundred thousand dollars… think of how you can serve the global market and take your business to several million, tens of millions or even more.

#3: Shift Your Thinking Of “Balance”

If your focus is on building extreme success, you have to let go of the thought of “balance” in your life. It is nearly impossible to have a balanced family life if you plan on building a multimillion dollar business. You need to determine what is most important in your life, and put 100% of your effort into it. If it’s your family, great. You can build a nice, profitable business while maintaining a great family life. However if you want to take your business to the moon and accomplish amazing things, you will have to make family sacrifices.

#4: Find Your Passion

If you want success, you need energy. Not energy in terms of being able to stay awake at night… but rather energy to put all of your heart and devotion into the business or project you’re currently working on and trying to build. The key is… energy comes from passion. You have to be so passionate about your business that you’re willing to give up EVERYTHING else in your life in order to make it work. I’ve seen entrepreneurs sleep in cars, stay up for days in a row (like I did on my recent C7 Business Model Tour), and be away from their families for weeks on end to accomplish a goal.

#5: It’s Experience That Matters

Similarly to “failing forward”, you need to learn from all your mistakes and soak in the EXPERIENCE that comes out of your mistakes. Conversely, you also need to soak in the experience you acquire when you make successes, too. Never underestimate the value of getting your hands dirty. Experience is a priceless asset that stays with you the rest of your life… which is something you can’t say about money or fame.

#6: Consistently Educate Yourself

Trump is a fanatic about constant education. Many times when he meets new people he doesn’t ask what they do, or how they’re doing, or what they’re working on. He says… “what 3 books are you reading right now?”. Trump is on a constant search for new information that he can use in his own life to propel his success. That’s because he knows that all new ideas come from educating his mind to look for new, different ways of looking at things. New connections get made and when those ideas form, he can implement them in his business.

That’s exactly how I live my life as well. Constant education. I pay upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars on my own education and coaching. It’s what helps me spark new ideas which I can share with you.

That’s why it’s imperative for you to attend one of my upcoming C7 Business Model events.

I’m literally giving you my own proprietary business model on a silver platter. You can take it and implement my strategies in your business THAT DAY.

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I hope this post has helped you gain more clarity into how successful people think, act and react to the situations that present themselves.


Head down below and leave a comment to let me know how it’s changed your thinking!


JT Foxx

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  1. Lynette Gerber

    The C7 seminar in Durban opened my eyes to change my direction from studying the academic MBA (Masters in Business Administration) to the JT Foxx MBA (Massive Bank Account).

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