I am secretly videotaping a mastermind I am attending as a student

I’m sitting in a closed door mastermind conducted by my coach Nido and it’s simply amazing.

I don’t care how successful you are — never stop learning, and never stop educating yourself.

Warren Buffet say’s the key to success is Learn, Earn, Return.

You should know I attend at least 1-2 classes and month on top of 1 full day with one of my coaches.

I believe this is why my business has done so well.

It’s my mission for you to do even better than me! That said, here is the sneak peak at our mastermind.

Make sure you watch it, it’s good.

You should also know the people at my mastermind are all coming to Mega Partnering in February. I have to admit the attendees will be of the highest quality.

Remember it’s not the quantity of people but the quality of the relationship.


JT Foxx

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