House Sells Despite Bunny Infestation

You may remember a post I did a couple months back about a Playboy property being put on the market.  Well, it has been sold, and it could not have a more picturesque ending.  A 25-year-old (male) entrepreneur bought the property for a cool $18 million.  This property, which is owned by Hugh Hefner and his wife Kimberley, sits right next door to the infamous Playboy Mansion and was their personal residence for the past thirteen years.  The new owner, Daren Metropoulos, will be moving into his new 7,300 square-foot micro mansion as soon as possible, of course.  I am sure all of his friends will be visiting his new home to “keep him company”. The property includes a large motor court and a three-car garage and Metropoulos collects muscle cars, so I’m pretty sure this is the sole reason he chose to buy the property.

On a more serious note, the property really took a hit.  When it was first put on the market the listing price was almost $28 million.  We all know that the Playboy Company is struggling in this economy, so with a sold price $10 million under the asking price, it became even more apparent.  Hefner did not want to have to give up this home, but he had to for the company.  People are having to give a lot up in this economy, even celebrities!

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