Greenspan says 2009 is when the Market will Bottom Out!!!

Alan Greenspan

Now I know a lot of people have very little faith in Greenspan and blaming him for the current housing bubble but people forget that after 9/11 this country needed a boost and the housing market did just that. Many people made a lot money in this last housing trend and the people that are now complaining are the ones who got caught up in the hype of things. As a result they are now going broke but they only have one person to blame, themselves. Now if you are a smart investor and want to make a lot of money and not repeat the mistakes from last housing meltdown you start planting your seeds now. There are so many great deals out there right, you just have to focus, educate yourself and believe in yourself. You are your best asset but can also be your worst enemy. This is the first positive news I have heard from the media in a long time about the market. But every positive article there will be 10 who will dump on it. I am seeing great things, so don’t procrastinate and take your game to the next level. Click on the link below

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