Hey guys I am writing this to you from Orlando Florida, where I am at the Poolside writing my new Program “Get Noticed or Die Broke. How to Promote Yourself to Millions.” The only way I could write this program is to do it away from the office because when I am there it impossible to get anythign done. Unlike other speakers I do not sub out the work or get ghost writers. I believe that every program should come from the heart, because only then is it trully effective. With that being said. I hate writing them though. It is like writing 10 terms papers in a I get back to Chicago on Thursday night so I will do the the teleconference then and that also applies to my mentoring student. Click on Event calendar and click on the the July 3 to get the number for the teleconference, or just check your email. Have yourself a great day and don’t be shy send me some ideas for my blog.

J.T. Foxx

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