Foreclosure Bill on the Way!!!

Foreclosure Bill

The word in the political world is that a foreclosure help bill is on the way and I have to admit I am not really excited about the prospect. A lot of people are living in homes they cannot afford. Allow them to reduce their principal is unfair for every American who pays their bills on time. It rewards bad behavior for people who tool all that money out for new cars, remodel their home and god knows what else. This sets a really bad example for the rest of the country. At teh end of the money it is our tax dollars who will bail these peole again. Let’s see what happens but what you think?

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  1. Nicolas Saucedo

    “A lot of people are living in homes they cannot afford” are along side millionaires with development projects they can’t afford and corporations with products they can’t afford and ………. Ask Donald Trump about his Baja Resort project he pulled out of, leaving investors high and dry. All boats sink with the out going tide. So the implication that the little guy in his three bedroom two bath rancher is some how responsible for our economy and or should not be bailed out is stupid at best!

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