Foreclosed over a Parking Ticket?

Crazy Cat

The city of Milwaukee foreclosed on a person with physical and emotional issues over a PARKING ticket. Yes, you read right a parking ticket…lol.

Peter Tubic, parked an unlicensed van in his parents driveway and had his house foreclosed upon over what was originally a $50 fine.

I guess the city Milwalkee must be real desperate . You things are good when people are being foreclosed over a parking ticket. Should we be outraged about this or just call it FREE MARKET. I know some investor made money but in this case I think it’s just plain wrong. I bet the guy goes commando on somebody, so be careful Milwaukee…

The city foreclosed on Tubic’s $245,000 home on the southwest side in July after trying for years to collect the fine, which escalated to more than $2,600 and resulted in a tax lien.

Tubic admits to ignoring the many notices he received seeking payment but says he was emotionally unfit to deal with the situation.

The Social Security Administration has deemed Tubic mentally and physically disabled since 2001. He has a host of physical diseases and a personality disorder that limits his cognitive functioning, according to documents from the administration. via JS Online

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