Entrepreneurship Looking Better and Better

The class of 2009 is finding it more difficult than ever to land a job, as they face job-hunting in the worst economy since the depression. It was recently reported that less than a fifth of graduating college seniors have even received offers. This is an incredibly intimidating statistic that is causing this generation to be skeptical, which is a horrible way to approach a career. This is a time when people are being let go from their jobs, and available jobs are scarce. And since there are so many people without jobs, the competition is broadening, with more experienced candidates up against recent graduates. The state of the economy has led many college students to re think their direction, many deciding to comfortably continue on to graduate school. I am hoping that those who go immediately out into the job market don’t give up on their dreams and continue to pursue their passion. We need more pioneers; we need more entrepreneurs. I would encourage them to use their new education to really go out on their own, not working for someone else. There is so much opportunity, and so much that has not been done. There has been a lot of talk about how it is impossible to find jobs; someone needs to be reminding these graduates that they can create their own jobs! It usually turns out better that way anyway. Good luck class of 2009, do something great!

Click here to read (or watch) a great story on what these graduates are facing, and how most are dealing with it.

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