Does He Realize He Won?

It seems as though President Obama thinks he is still on the campaign trail. With over 114 interviews while in office (only 7 months), you have to start to wonder, will people still tune in when the President is on? The overexposure might make it easy to brush off a presidential appearance, “Oh, he’s on again”. The President appearing on television is usually rare, and exciting. It might be justified if he was talking about different important news, but really he is just giving us the same message during every appearance. Tonight he will appear again on CBS’s “Late Night with David Letterman”. We have seen what he has to say about health reform and that will most likely be the topic of the interview. President Obama has now set the record for presidential television appearances; he has actually doubled it. Previously, former President Bill Clinton held that record at 41 television appearances; let’s also keep in mind that this is during his entire time in office. It is certainly a new strategy, but is it a good one? Many believe he is just wearing out the message. What do you think about President Obama’s media blitz?

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