Delegation: Your Greatest Business Asset

I saw an article on Forbes, “Why Bootstraps Are Overrated in Entrepreneurship,” pointing out that “entrepreneurs like to think they’re self-sufficient.”

Unfortunately, it’s that kind of thinking that can get you into trouble. No entrepreneur is really self-sufficient. As the article points out.

The truth is …  that entrepreneurs can’t handle it all. We like to think that we have control over every aspect of our businesses. We set goals, create marketing campaigns, and do a little accounting—and publicity and admin and tech and legal and branding for our companies, too.

But then work gets in the way. Retaining control over the most minimal aspects of any company is tough; we strive and strive to manage every last bit and it usually ends in serious frustration.

I agree 100%. And I’ve learned this lesson myself. We can’t do it all. Nobody can. You simply must delegate if you want your business to thrive and enjoy a successful life.

Look at some of the best entrepreneurs out there: Donald Trump, Howard Schultz of Starbucks, and Jeff Bezos at Amazon. They delegated plenty of tasks. Even Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the co-founders of Apple couldn’t do it all. Delegation is what turns small “mom and pop” businesses into large powerful organizations.

It’s okay to hire people better than you.  That’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength – knowing what you are good at and what you need help with. And when you delegate, it gives you the time to focus on what you’re truly good at. Why beat your head against the wall doing merely an average job (or worse) on the tasks others can do better than you?

Take sales and marketing, for example. Some people are good at it and some people aren’t. I happen to be doing a tour called “Sales & Marketing For Smart People” and much of what I teach at these workshops is to focus on your passion while others handle the rest.

In fact, as the Forbes article points out, entrepreneurs love what they do.

The less an entrepreneur needs to deal with those unpleasant tasks, the more successful he or she will be. A good rule of thumb: If your daily schedule consists of duties that have nothing to do with the passion that motivated you to run your business in the first place, it’s time to delegate.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  1. Chris Allen

    It was just as true while I was in the army as it is true as I am now a businessman, you mus learn to delegate. Period.

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