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I am secretly videotaping a mastermind I am attending as a student

I’m sitting in a closed door mastermind conducted by my coach Nido and it’s simply amazing.

I don’t care how successful you are — never stop learning, and never stop educating yourself.

Warren Buffet say’s the key to success is Learn, Earn, Return.

You should know I attend at least 1-2 classes and month on top of 1 full day with one of my coaches.

I believe this is why my business has done so well.

It’s my mission for you to do even better than me! That said, here is the sneak peak at our mastermind.

Make sure you watch it, it’s good.

You should also know the people at my mastermind are all coming to Mega Partnering in February. I have to admit the attendees will be of the highest quality.

Remember it’s not the quantity of people but the quality of the relationship.


JT Foxx

Live, Courtside from the Miami Heat game (How I got here, how you can too!)

The other night I shot a short video for you courtside at the Miami Heat vs. Phoenix Suns game.

This video shares exactly what I did to get there. You can watch it here right now:

I felt inspired to make this for you. To think just 5 – ½ years ago I couldn’t afford a seat, and today I’m surrounded by celebrities and the rich and famous.

When you focus on reaching your goals amazing things happen – and in this short video I share very important skills you must develop to be a winner in today’s market.

Reach for the stars,

J.T. Foxx

I almost died yesterday (I guess I’m not superman)

I’ve been running ragged since I got back from my trip through Europe earlier this month. The last two weeks have been especially brutal with my attempts to work 15 – 20 hours days just to catch up.

And in the middle of all the traveling, speaking, business obligations, and deals I’ve been putting together, somewhere along the way I caught a really nasty bug. I lost my voice, and even had to miss an event, something I never do.

Man oh man did it knock me out, and that’s not the worst of it.

Here’s what happened…

The past few days, between work and a terrible cough I haven’t been able to sleep. So the other day I went to see my doctor and he told me to get some rest, and prescribed me this super-strong cough syrup.

Thinking I’m Superman I didn’t listen to the doctor’s advice and kept pushing through.

Well yesterday I had to catch an early morning flight to an event.  I rushed out the door and caught my ride at 4:30 AM to the airport. In my hurry, instead of taking the recommended tablespoon or two of the cough medicine I chugged a huge swig right out of the bottle.

Big mistake!

On the way to the airport I got so dizzy I had my driver turn back and changed my flight for later that day.

Attempt two… made it to the airport, got there… and PASSED OUT! I almost died right there and then on the ground at my gate. I was revived… and of course they wouldn’t let me on the plane. Well I guess I’m not superman after all.

But here’s the thing.

In that brief moment I realized a few things that I’d like to share with you.

  1. Life is precious… if you don’t have your health what do you have? And the biggest deal I do doesn’t mean a thing if I can’t be around to enjoy the rewards.
  2. I need to be more strategic with my time and my team. 20 hours days shouldn’t be the norm, especially when I have a talented team around me. When you delegate, plan ahead, and think strategically you can work less and make more… and take as many vacations as you want without coming back to the mess of work like I created for myself. (I already knew this but sometimes I need a jolt to remind myself these things.)
  3. It’s important to relax and recharge. Even my European vacation wasn’t really a vacation – I was doing deals overseas. But taking day to relax and sharpen the axe goes a long way for health, clarity, and sanity.
  4. Listen to the experts. My mentors have told me time and time again everything I just listed out above…sometimes I need to listen. (And I should have paid close attention to the good ole’ doc when he said relax and take the correct dose.)

Anyway I’m here to live another day and help you succeed. Live through my mistakes and all the lessons you learn from others. And together we all win.

Speaking of listening to the experts, this weekend I have business icon and Donald Trump’s right hand man, George Ross, on my radio show. If you’re in the listening area be sure to keep an ear out.

Also, George Ross and several other business leaders will be joining me for a very special event I’m hosting next month for world leading entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and business leaders. I’m sending out personal invitations tomorrow to a select few so you may want to keep an eye out on your email box.

So for now, I’m off to live another day.

I hope you make today and everyday your very best. (We only live once.)


J.T. Foxx

Amazing Interview and HUGE Ratings

(Listen to the 13 minute interview)

Kevin  O'LearyLast weekend’s interview was amazing. My ratings for the show were the highest all weekend and Kevin O’Leary sure did not disappoint. Kevin is the guy on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. He is the Simon Cowell of the business world, direct to the point and no BS. He is worth 800 million dollars and sold his company to Matel for 3.2 billion!!!

If you want to listen to that one segment of Kevin O’Leary click here:

For more information about my show and if you want to listen to some of my past shows go to

Reach for the stars,

J.T. Foxx

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Go after the Scams not the Real Estate Investors

(J.T. Foxx talks about Real Estate Scams)

I love real estate, I love entrepreneurialism, and I love everything that comes with it. You know you were destined to do this journey when you have little butterflies running wild inside your belly every morning you wake up. My mentor once told me that passion is something you can’t put inside of you and you can’t take out of you. You either have it or not. I have gone from broke to where I am today on a lot of persistence and learning from my mistakes but one thing is for sure; the game of real estate has drastically changed since I first started 5 years.

I never understood why real estate investors are vilified as sharks, bottom feeders and people who prey on the misfortune of others. Instead we should be looked upon as people who

  1. Improve neighborhoods and improve home values
  2. Provide affordable housing
  3. Provide green housing
  4. Put American’s and Canadians to work by providing jobs
  5. Help distressed owners when no one else can or would

Instead of seeing the good in investors, the nay-sayers count our money instead. That’s the reality, investors are hated because how much we make, as 90% of millionaires have become wealthy through real estate and the other 10% use real estate to secure it. I remember the first time I got sued, I had allegedly taken advantage of a distressed couple, apparently they didn’t know they were selling their home to me and they thought were getting a mortgage instead. Well I guess the 23 checks they wrote to me with the word rent would suggest otherwise, wouldn’t you think? Only after they stopped paying rent to me is when I became the bad guy. I ended winning in the end when a judge ruled in my favor but only after over $100K in legal fees it didn’t matter anymore. I have realized in the eyes of the law it’s not about who is right or wrong, it’s about who has more money to outlast the other party and when the other party is getting free legal services it’s hard to commit.

Yes, there are real estate scam artists out there and there are scam artists in every business but it doesn’t mean that all investors are bad. You don’t shut down the orchard when you have a few bad apples. What lawmakers don’t understand is that they are killing the real estate market with the draconian laws instead of making it flourish and getting the economy back on track.

So my advice to you is to, trust but verify. There is no greater business than real estate but you have to be careful because one minute you are the hero and the next you’re the bad guy when the homeowners fail to take responsibility and blames you instead. The dreamers are out of the business and now we are left with the real estate investors. Keep your head up because I know how hard it is to succeed and I can assure you I will always fight for our rights to invest freely because if we don’t fight they won’t be free for long. Once you do make it, there is no greater feeling in the world. There is a lot of room at the top; it’s the bottom that’s crowded.

Together the difference in your success

Reach for the stars

J.T. Foxx

It's Here to Stay…Maybe?

There has been a lot of waiting and talking about whether or not the first-time home buyer tax credit would be extended, and it seems as though the wait is over.  A tentative deal was reached among the Senate negotiators agreeing to extend the it!  Although this time around, first-time home buyers may not be the only ones with the ability to cash in.  They are looking to add an additional new credit for those who have been in their current home for a consecutive 5 year period (within the past 8 years).  Although this tax credit is not quite the $8,000 many first timers are receiving, $6,500 sure looks better than $0!  This is a positive note, especially considering what we wrote about last week, people who tried to take advantage of the tax credit by less by less than honest measures.  We have been seeing signs of recovery in the housing market, could it be because of this tax credit?  If they extend the offer to current home owners, might we see an even bigger boost in the market?  If so, we can’t rely on tax credits forever, and this could all turn into one huge band-aid fix, and come time to pull it off, we might not be feeling so hot.  Nonetheless, it is nice to see some life being brought into the mainstream of this market.  Senate lawmakers are still arguing over how this new program will be brought to the senate floor.  And with the IRS currently examining the program for fraud, we will just have to wait for finalization.  But it’s looking really good for those of you hoping to take advantage of the first time, or what would be, current home buyer credit.  Don’t forget, those of you who are first-time home buyers still have until the end of this month to utilize the program, no matter what, so don’t wait!

Motorola and Verizon Finally Answer to the iPhone

Motorola Inc. and Verizon Wireless are aiming to give the iPhone a run for it’s money.  On Wednesday they introduced their newest venture, the Droid phone.  This device is the first to run Google Inc. software and promises to amaze.  It’s about time that Verizon put up a little competition.  The iPhone and AT&T  have been dominating the cellphone and provider markets leaving Verizon to suffer a loss of almost half their subscriber numbers.  The Droid does have many new features that the iPhone does not provide.  For example, It will have a slide-out keyboard and the ability to run multiple applications at once.  Will the partnership of Google and Verizon prove to be a worthy one?  It is a major partnership.  We will have to wait and see if The Droid can combat the iPhone when it hits stores November 6th.  Will you be going to check out or pick up the Droid?