JT Foxx Reviews The Haters – (You Want the Truth?)


Today should be a great day, my eBook just made #1 in the Business Education section on Amazon. Now, this is not the book about my life story that is coming out in a few months, it’s a book about great business lessons that I think every entrepreneur should have. But my happiness was short lived by haters of course talking about the same crap they speak about all the time. It’s starting to sound like a broken record but for people that don’t know about it, it sounds like sweet new gossip music. Here are the things I am going to clear out once and for all.

1)    What’s my real name?

2)    Do I own the companies and brands I say I own?

3)    The extortion Lawsuits I was a victim of

4)    Fake Bad Reviews that competitors or haters post

5)    Why is JT Foxx International so much?

It’s not that it bothers me; I know that if you are successful you will have haters. If 51% of the people like you, then you will be President of the United States, which means 49% of the people think you are not the right person for the job. By no means am I perfect, but I work very hard to make sure my students and our coaching clients are happy and successful and of course I always worry about my brand. In the world all you have is your name, credibility and reputation and I will always defend my honor no matter what.

My business model has always been powered by your success and the more successful you are the more successful I am. We have thousands of success stories, thousands of people who attend our events all over the world whose lives I change. Unlike my competition none of them are in business anymore or, if they are, they are barely surviving. My brand is growing all over the world because of RESULTS and THE TRUTH. So even though my attorneys said I shouldn’t dignify these haters with a response I figure I would post something for everyone to see once and for all until, we find something else to talk or hate about me. Doesn’t matter how many success stories I create, how many companies I start or buy or how much I raise for charity people will always find fault in what I do. From now on I am just going to focus on the people who believe in me and care for me. So let’s answer the questions.

What’s my real name?

My legal name is JT Foxx, that’s what it says on my passport, drivers license and everything else. In my new book coming up I will share the story on how this all came about. Even before I became famous I was JT Foxx. Check the picture for confirmation.


 My actual Passport
My actual Passport


Do I own the companies I own?

I own many companies and if you probably go online you won’t find any. Why, because whether it’s my real estate investment companies, technology companies, education companies, or the suit and tie brands I have a very, very, very, complicated legal structure and like most wealthy people we do post everything we own. I live in the United States of America where everyone likes to see everything and litigious lawyers will cruise online and when they sue you will attach any and every company they see. People who hate will find out which companies you own and post a bunch of fake reviews. The only reason why people want to find out what I own is so that they can attempt to poke holes in my success story that some how JT Foxx is a scam and a fraud and now they caught me in a lie. People have been using this BS excuse. My people whom I partner with in various companies they know, my attorneys who manage and control the legal entities of my companies all over the world, they know. Is this legal, 110% yes. Do you think you know everything Donald Trump owns? Tony Robbins owns many companies, you can’t find anything about those online? Bill Gates owns interest in many other companies through his private investment fund and I can’t really find any of those online either. The point; that is why they are called Private companies and if they were public entities they would have to be disclosed but as privately held they do not. So I will never reveal the companies I own for the exact same reason most successful people I know don’t reveal everything they own. I pay my fair share of taxes so I guess I must own something or else what else would I be paying taxes from, surely not from my personal name because that would be over the 50% tax bracket.

The extortion Lawsuits I was a victim of

I am so tired of hearing about this, I will dedicate a whole chapter on the subject of being sued in business in my new book. If you have been sued, that means you have succeeded enough. Wal-Mart and Microsoft get sued over 3000 times a month a year and Donald Trump got sued for Trump University and that’s BS, Tony Robbins got sued for sexual harassment twice and the list goes on. In America there are 3 ways to get rich…

1)    win the lottery

2)    Sue with a contingency lawyer

3)    Work hard although that one is not very sexy.

So yes I got sued, in fact I got extorted. About 2 years ago I meet someone at an event in Vancouver and they signed up for my coaching. His daughter was at the event, she was 18 and was a manager at a Starbucks. A few days after the event his daughter reached out to me on Facebook and then via text. We texted a few times and she was flirting with me. I wasn’t really interested but we joke around. Her last message was on a Friday one week after we initially started talking. She messaged me that she was busy and would reach out later. She never reached out again. Her father called our office and was upset that I was talking to his daughter even though she had reached out to me. We gladly refunded his $35,000 and that was the end of it. 3 months later we got a letter from a California lawyer whose experience was in suing automobile makers and he claimed that if he did not get $100,000 that they would sue and go to the media. That is pure extortion, I had never even talked to this woman on the phone, only about 25 text messages by which she was flirting, I had never been alone with this woman and this was nothing more than an attorney trying to make a quick buck. I had done nothing wrong, I still had the text messages that proved I had done nothing so, many lawyers told them to screw themselves we were going to pay a ransom fee. We considered going to the FBI but because the threat was made via an attorney, legal extortion is legal. Then one day at my event I got served and I absolutely refused to settle because I did not want to set precedents for future extortions and Waco’s who would come out of the wood work. Then all of sudden a small media firm retorted what was in the complaint that I was a guru and she was a teenager in high school who was harassed by me. When I said, like I mentioned above, she was a manager at Starbucks and not in High School, then I was a con artist and the complaint was full of lies. But of course when a media writes a story they go with what’s in the legal complaint and reprint all the lies that were said, even though they are not true because they are going off the complaint. All they need to say is “alleged”but for a layperson they just read that I was a harasser and a con artist. So for example I can sue you and call you a fraudster and a rapist in my legal complaint even if it’s not true because what you write in a complaint is judicially protected from you suing back not the basis it’s not true. The worst part is you can’t sue the attorney for malicious prosecution until after the case is dismissed and that will run you at least over $200,000 in legal fees and then you have to prove damages, which is really hard. Yes I know what you are thinking, it’s BS but the worst is when the media reprints and regurgitates those words in the complaint and people google you and they now think you are a rapist and fraudster. Well that is what happened to me, people started sharing all over social media and the haters where having a field day, my enemies would mass email it to their database, and my competitors would talk about me on their stages and mention the lawsuit. Some people whom I did business with me shied away and didn’t want to do business with me anymore. There was no such thing as guilty until proven innocent, people didn’t even assume I was guilty, they just said I was. Since when does a lawsuit make you guilty until you have all the facts?

So I spent over $380,000 defending myself and the irony is that it never got in front of a judge or even the deposition stage. It was all of us fighting BS motions like why if this person lives in Vancouver, Canada and I was in Chicago, is a lawsuit filed in state court. This person had never even been to California and it had nothing to do with California. The only reason it was filed there was probably because it was the only attorney who wanted to take their case on contingency and he thought we would settle quickly. Remember the $380,000 I spent on lawyers is more than had I just paid them off; the extortion was $100,000. But it was the principle of it for me and at the end of 18 months I was proved right. Their lawyer threw in the white flag and they dropped the suit in exchange for us not suing them or going after them or their lawyers. Now at this point I didn’t want to take it but my lawyers said that going after them would be $100,000 and how much money would I really get from a now 19 year old girl, and the law firm insurance carrier would probably fight me to the bitter end. My lawyers advised me to take the deal, they got ZERO from me and I moved on with my life. So I won, do you think the media reported that I won, NOPE. Do you think the haters and everyone who believed this garbage would say, “I am sorry we doubted you JT”, NOPE. The irony is people still bring it up, even to this day almost 2.5 years later and people don’t know the fact that I won, they just know about the initial lawsuits and use that as a basis of truth. Did this cost me money, I am sure it did. Is it fun when people bring it up, especially when I won, it’s life. I have moved on and so should you. Now you have the truth and make sure you pick up my book because I will have a whole breakdown of my cases and other frivolous lawsuits from other companies so you can see that if you haven’t been sued in business it’s probably because you haven’t done enough business. It is not a question of “if”you will be sued; it’s a question of when. Everyone gets sued, it sucks but as my coaches say, it’s the cost of doing business. A cost no one ever factors. Now people can sue all they want, I have an insurance carrier that protects me, it’s expensive but helps me sleep at night.

Fake Reviews that competitors or haters post.

I will never forget the first negative review I got. By this point I had been in business for 2 years and never got anything negative online. One day I got a call from a client saying I was on Ripoff Report. Some website where people post their gripes and as soon as you get a negative review, because of the SEO power of the site, it will appear to the top of the search engine and every time a client Googles you that’s what they see. You know people go on Google not to search the good in people, they go on to search the bad, to find something wrong and say “A-HA”. It’s the world we live in where people are negative and we look for the bad in people rather than the good. The review said to the effect that people had paid us $60,000 for coaching and that I had disappeared with the money and never answered their calls. Now $60,000 is a lot of money and those clients in our organization are given the white glove treatment. So my office proceeded to call every 60K only to find out that all of them are happy. You will often find that most negative fake reviews they don’t leave their real names or any names at all. So I called Ripoff Report and spoke to the editor and I am sure he gets thousands of phone calls all saying that it’s BS. We had a good talk, he refused to take the review down but he gave me the IP address. That is right, when you leave a fake review it leaves a digital foot print. So we had our IT person on it and after examination we located the IP address. It was from a former student of mine who I had made successful, turned him into a speaker, decided to screw me, start a competing business, failed at it and then I guess he blamed me and posted this bad review. Now rather than working harder to make his business better it was easier to attack me and try and hurt my business.

If you look at any business, no one has 100% happy clients. Amazon whom I think has an amazing service and company, people rate it at only 70% satisfaction rate. I saw a Facebook status Richard Branson posted about success and then there was this lady who replied with this long rant about how Richard is a scam and how Virgin Airline wouldn’t give her money back.

Do you think Richard Branson for one minute knows about this or had anything to do with it? Do you think for one minute when the scandal hit JP Morgan Chase Bank, where the CEO Jamie Dimon who makes 30 million plus a year and has over 30,000 employees, had to take responsibility for a rogue trader in London. When you are the top, when anything goes wrong the buck stops there and it sucks but that’s the business world. We recently did a survey of our coaching students and I was told by the head of the department that we had over 96% satisfaction rate. We record every coaching call for quality assurance but also to protect ourselves against people who would later complain to see when we did not deliver. Every client is assigned a relationship manager to keep the lines of communication open and our students are constantly given surveys to find out problems before they happen but also gage happiness. I have thousands of success stories and I plan on putting them all online. A daunting and very arduous task but one that I am now forced to do to minimize the importance of the haters.

Often the people who complain online are actually people who can’t afford your product or service. They will say the pitch was a scam and a fraud, a term that seems has grave consequences yet used so loosely. People easily throw the term fraud and scam like if they were saying peaches and cream. Case in point, someone wrote a negative review saying that he attended a 90 minute presentation and I was a fraud and scam artist and people who bought my program were idiots. He signed off the review with Jim. We went over the manifest of the event and found out we did have a Jim at the event and he had not bought. So I called him personally and said “Hey Jim, JT Foxx here, I read your review online and I wanted to call you to talk to you about it. I thought a ton of bricks had hit him because he didn’t expect me to call personally or even know I knew it was him so he was stuttering a storm. He then admitted to me that he couldn’t afford my program and he didn’t want the others to participate because if they become successful, he would forever hate it because he didn’t have the funds to purchase and he would miss an opportunity of a lifetime. He really enjoyed my presentation and he really liked me. So I told Jim I would give him the course for FREE. He started yelling in jubilee saying how amazing I was and how he would be my next big success story and he was not going to let me down. So one minute I am a scam artist and the next minute I am his hero. Funny how the wonderful world of haters works and this is not the only example, I have done this at least 8 or 9 times. So the lesson here is you will have haters, you will get negative reviews and no matter what you do even if you do it right you will never make everyone happy. It’s sad but it’s business. A recent statistic my coach told me is that 70% reviews are online are fake. I mean you have to pay YELP to get negative reviews down or else it will hurt your business. Restaurant competitors have been know to claim other restaurants have mice in their kitchen, or they have been shut down for health reasons, all false of course but some restaurants can’t survive this onslaught of negative reviews. Google any speaker, any politician and any business you will find negative things about thing. We just tend to see them more because people click on them and good news doesn’t get read.

For real stories, real results and real success visit www.JTFoxxSuccessStories.com

Why is JT Foxx International so much?

In the past year I have spent a lot of time abroad and of course the haters have to start speculating because maybe I am international because I can scam 3rd world countries. Last time I checked China, Singapore, Malaysia, Holland, UK, Poland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, India were not third world countries. One of the reasons I have done so much in Africa and Asia is because it is truly the future. People are eager to grow, to better themselves and I like the business advantages of international investing. I also feel like the people really appreciate me there and they don’t have a sense of entitlement. Although I still do a lot of business in the US and our offices are there, it’s been different. Ever since the crash of 2008, people are jaded, there are more lawsuits than ever before and I am just not having as much fun as I used too. It also gives a chance to see the world and accept new challenges. The US will always be home and Canada, where I was born, will always be home but I am a global brand and have a global company where we do business in over 26 or so countries and I have clients in over 40 different countries.

Just read the success story of my first client in South Africa Ettienne and the success he is now having globally because of me click here.

If you want to read the things I have done to change Africa for the good click here http://thetruthaboutjtfoxx.co.za/

Forbes Africa first Feature on JT Foxx

I can’t help if you call me a scum bag or a dirt bag. I want everyone to like me, who doesn’t want people not to like them? But I am positive that if you don’t like me and you read this blog post, you won’t change your mind about me no matter what I say. You will probably find something else I did wrong. Someone sent this amazing quote they found and they thought of me:

25% Percent of the People will never like you. You can buy them flowers and they will still hate you.

25% don’t like you but will try

25% like you but will try and find reasons not too

25% will support you always no matter what

So here is a fact of life. There is no reason to waste time convincing people of who you are. Put them in a category and out of your life.

So let me finish off with a few facts of my life for those who still doubt me

Question #1: How many people’s lives have you changed?

JT Foxx in India


JT Foxx in India

My answer: I have changed the lives of thousands of people. At the end of this blog read some of them. Here is a video I took at one my Asian classes 5 days ago.


JT Foxx in Asia
JT Foxx in Asia


Some of my top students in the media

image013 image011

What’s your answer?

Question #2: How much have you raised and/or donated to charity?

My answer: Over 1 million between Sick Children, Urban Zen, Virgin United, Nelson Mandela Foundation and Salvation Army. In fact I raised more money in 15 minutes for the Salvation Army in Africa, than anyone else. The picture below is a pic of me at an orphanage in Guatemala. I am also very blessed to be on the board of the Eric Trump Foundation that benefits St-Judes Children Hospital.


At an orphanage in Guatemala
At an orphanage in Guatemala


Ice Bucket Challenge with Michelle Mone OBE, Founder of Ultimo
Ice Bucket Challenge with Michelle Mone OBE, Founder of Ultimo


National Youth Centre in Botswana
Raising awareness at the National Youth Centre in Botswana


Question #3: How many under privileged kids have you spoken to in Africa for Free in the hopes of inspiring a country for a better tomorrow?

My Answer: I spoke to 11,000 kids in Nelsprid in one of the most poor township of Africa and I was the only white person because when it comes to making this planet a better place, race has no color. We are United. I also love inspiring our youth




Featured in a Newspaper Article
Featured in a Newspaper Article

IMG_0019 IMG_0018 IMG_0017

What’s Your Answer?

Question #4: Are you a millionaire?

My Answer: I am and I first earned it in business and properties. I am a serial entrepreneur first, philanthropist second and speaker and coach third.

Your answer?

In the end, I am not better than you.  We are all children of God and I am not driven by money. To me the three most important things in life are Faith, Family & Friends. I am not perfect and I am human and I make mistakes like everyone else. I treat my clients like they are family. In fact I wear this red bracelet that says Family First, as a constant reminder of the duty I have to treat my clients like family. If I have done something wrong, feel free to email me personally as I will always make things right. What keeps me up at night is not how I can make more money, what keeps me up at night is how do I make my clients more successful. To me what’s more important than success is significance and legacy. I want to make this planet a better place than when I first got here. John F. Kennedy once said, ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country. I love the United States, I love the world and I love helping people. I grew up in a racist environment thinking people black people were this, Jewish people were that and so on, but with my world travels I realized that nobody picks the color of their skin. No one chooses where they were born. I will never accuse someone who is more successful than me to be a scam artist or a fraud. I know how hard it is to be successful and before I come to judge people I will get all the facts. I don’t judge by what I see online because I know what people have done to me. We are so quick to judge and those who often point the finger at someone has three fingers pointing right back at them.

Now you know the truth. I have been an open book because I wanted the truth to come out. If you have a problem my personal email is students@jtfoxxorg.com and yes I check it personally. If you had no opinion of me, now I hope you can see the real truth about me. If you want even more detailed accounts of the 3 personalities I am please click hereto read a previous blog post. If I have wronged you, I am sorry. If I have offended you, I am sorry. If you don’t like me, I am sorry but hopefully you can at least respect me. The world is filled with hatred, wars and now the Ebola scare. I think we should all have better things to do than to attack me, or call me a scam artist or question my accomplishments. I am the real deal and I am not going anywhere. I will continue changing the world through philanthropy, I will continue changing entrepreneurs lives, I will continue involving our youth for a better tomorrow and I will continue to start and buy companies that will have an impact on solving the world’s problems. Will I get sued again, probably. Will I get a few more negative reviews, most likely. Will I continue changing lives, I guarantee you.
Wait until my new book comes out because it will change the way you look at business. In the meantime the way to get back at the haters is keep making my ebook #1 in business education because it validates all the amazing work I have been doing. I am sure you can spare the 99 cents. Click here to get it.

Keep your head up and I hope you have learned more about me and also learned about yourself and the things that will probably happen to you. In the meantime enjoy reading some of the countless success stories I create each and every week here.

Before I leave you I will leave you with one of the crudest quotes, but so true, I have ever read.


It’s sad but it’s true
It’s sad but it’s true


Thanks for listening and I hope to meet you someday at one of my events or in the business world. When it comes to success there is a lot of room at the top but it’s the bottom that’s crowded.

JT Foxx

www.JTFoxxLive.com to see me live

P.S. If you still think I am a bad guy well read this letter that this young boy sent me that actually made me cry.


Letter from my buddy Brandon
Letter from my buddy Branden




  1. Martin Lemire

    In my humble opinion don’t waste your time and energy justifying yourself against haters. They are just very unhappy people bringing others in a lose-lose situation… Keep it for those who appreciate the gift and make our planet a better place to grow and help others. Cheers


    • Jilian Saweczko

      Hear, hear Martin. I like your comment. However, this time I`m with JT on making this post. We should make it go viral. The haters would hate that, eh. :-) Negative reporting in the news hurts. But being maligned is worse. gotta do something about that.

      I`ve know JT for years. I know how far he`s come and he`s so generous to share what his coaches advise. And am one of his happy students. He`s such a straight up guy.
      Keep doing what you`re doing JT.
      I support you.

  2. Sharon

    JT you are the real deal. I’ve never doubted your genuineness for a moment. You made me have faith in myself that I could actually accomplish my dreams. I will be forever grateful for that!
    Ignore the idiots and keep doing what you’re doing!

  3. Kerrin

    JT has changed so many peoples lives he is the real deal. JT no matter how much you explain to Haters they will have nothing better to do because they have never bothered to show up. Keep doing the incredible work you do and your results speak for themselves. #changemaker

  4. Ernest

    Dear Foxx, I am Rwandan, international student in capetown and I attended your events more than four times in capetown. Ididn’t find anything wrong with your successful stories. When I read your blogs, it is obvious that haters might be there. If Jesus had and still having many haters, who are you for not having few of them? So, keep going, don’t defend yourself, your defender is alive. Trust him, do right business, then succeed. I am sure you are aware of three things to guide you in your vision to succeed: time to mature(1), challenges to strengthen you(2) and God to bless you(3). This the reason why your enemies(haters) will be in your journey until Jesus comes back. But don’t worry, they are marketing your business.

    • Josiah

      Hi JT

      From Botswana with love!

      You organised an event here in Bots free of charge. I was there.. you didnt beat about the bush, said it as it is, u r a good coach, you go on a journey with your students till the finishing line. Your follow up on your students is robust and ypu are sincere, genuine and unapologetic. You are an ‘in your face’ type of guy judging by the way you delivered your coaching in Botswana but honestly that’s, according to me, what we needed here- somebody who can kick you out of your comfort zone and say hey! wake up, do something, stop complaining! Thank you so much and may inspire even more than you did me! I appreciate you!

  5. TheDurbanGuy

    This is the best Blog you have ever posted… so Real, So you… I feel like I know you and can call you “My Good Friend JT”

  6. Geoff Hindmarch

    WTG JT – Integrity is far more important than money. Honesty and truth are the challenges we face in today’s business and the sooner everyone learns to tell it like it is the better.

  7. Praise Khumalo

    That was heart-felt. It the truth, when you get to the top many people will not like you so much. Mr Foxx keep on doing the good work that you have been assigned to do. Negativity only pulls back not forward

  8. Adam Strong

    JT as I said this is one of the best blogs I have ever read. I can safely say i’m the 25% that will support your cause whatever the circumstances. You deserve your success and are prepared to make it to the top as many others are not. See you at the next event in London

  9. Jabulane Tshabalala

    JT Foxx, I first registered for your talk but could not make it, and I saw you first in the National Achievers Congress and I then went to one of your free talks in Sandton, I loved it I do not wanna lie, I would have loved with all of my heart to register for your coaching classes but unfortunately, I do not have the money to do so, I tried by all means to gather some cash up now so I can join your coaching classes but unfortunately I am taking care of my family and I am still doing my practical with the University and I can’t not afford, I try by all means not to make excuses, I try by all means not to hinder my success, I even decided to do all on my own and hoping that one day not so far I will crack it through, but honestly I believe in entrepreneurship and its the future, no matter what I will pull it through :( :), God will see me through. My initial objective is not to make money but to fight unemployment in my country and others, I will not allow haters or negative people to pull me down with them, I am going to MAKE it and I am going to be successful against all odds. THANK YOU.

  10. Rhiannon Campher

    I’d like to echo the sentiment that you do not have to entertain the haters and justify your success. This is a perfect example of Entrepreneurs versus everyone else – ‘separating the wheat from the chaff’. You have Dreamers and Doers. Keep inspiring those who want to better themselves – you’ve inspired me and I would like to thank you for that.

  11. Henry Walker

    tough times don’t last….tough people do….when the going gets tough….the tough gets going…. c.u. @ pretoria…

  12. Sisa Mpambaniso

    In life there are spectators whore are just watching things happening and will forget their journey,when they realise that they being left behind they will start creatisizing and hate the top archivers and people who are successful,

  13. Vikki

    JT haters are very unhappy people whose job is to look for someone to bring down in the hope it will make them feel and look better. You can never justify yourself to a hater. Keep your efforts for those who appreciate you.

  14. Sunday

    Hey JT,
    Don’t let the bad talk distract you; that is the very reason why NOT EVERYONE IS A MILLIONAIRE!
    That’s what people will always say when they want what you got so badly and they are NOT disciplined/dedicated long enough to pay the price and get it.
    Time will keep proving you.

  15. Nazli

    Hey JT
    As you said you can’t please everyone
    The fact is you have already proven yourself and that’s their fear as the more support you have the less they receive and that’s when they loose their power stay true to yourself and your vision and keep going there are tons of people that support and wish you well
    Have an amazing mega partnering

  16. Marcia

    JT is the real deal. my life has changed in more ways than 1. since his last time in South Africa. i can say i acquired a new way of approach to business and matters in general. *thumps up* JT YOU ROCK

  17. Maureen Gan

    JT, thanks for making a difference in us – when you were in Singapore around 2 weeks ago. I was amongst the audience and busy copying notes – and I would like to apply what I learn in the weekend. Your photos, pictures and words have inspired many of us. For your own sake, please be good to yourself. Refrain from punishing travel schedules and have the best of fresh air, sleep, nutrition, love and care and family togetherness. FM Maureen Gan – from sunny Singapore

  18. Maureen Palmer

    First of all JT, Thank you for sharing your such deep experiences which you encountered with us! Whilst reading one thing came to light, that we in a real world with real people whom each have our own ways and opinions and this is the result of some bad mouthing and some criticizing and of course jealousy tends to always creep up in order to destroy!
    I live in South Africa and had the opportunity to attend a few of your seminars, which I personally found phenomenal and I guess the reason why I benefitted so much and this is without signing up for your coaching sessions yet (this is purely due to not being financially equipped to do so at this stage) however I went into these sessions with the right mind-set, to go and learn and to receive nuggets which will assist me in bringing about change in my life and my business.
    I am a self starter and I can assure you that from applying what you , Ettiene, Cherrie, Andrew, and the rest of your team thought seminars, I have already seen so much improvement in my personal life and within my business. I trust God that I will soon become one of your coaching students!
    My encouragement for everyone out there, let us value people like JT who are willing to help us get to the next level in our lives and in business, I perceive these opportunities as a gateway to success in my personal life and in business! As far as I can see JT has not in anyway claimed to be God, he is merely trying to help us to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and for me, if you experienced what I experienced and the evidence of change is there, I would like to learn from you – experience by the way is the best teacher. JT because of you I am now a follower of so many great leaders and teachers and that in itself makes me feel great!
    My encouragement to JT – I salute you for being so strong whist so many arrows are thrown at you, just keep doing what you doing, this in itself is a guarantee for us, that if we ever encounter what you going through, that there are ways and means to deal with it! Respect to you JT!

  19. Roger Hovland

    Keep up the extraordinary good work that you are doing. The enormous impact that you have on so many people`s lives speaks for itself……

  20. Malose Gwangwa

    Hi JT,

    I am “impressed” that there are still so many people that take the time to be negative considering that you have always maintained a VERY positive outlook on life, business and self-improvement: especially in South Africa!

    I was one of those people that didn’t understand the value of mentoring and coaching and with my wife and business partner finally twisting my arm to go to one of your presentations in Johannesburg we have grown our business and found strategic partners across the continent!

    Thank you for your continued inspiration and dedication to improving lives in and around the African continent!

  21. Makhosini Motha

    It’s been a few weeks I attended JT Foxx conference at the Hilton Hotel South Africa. Till this present day I still get emails from JT motivating me to get on with the program and start building myself and my business. This is truly evident the comitment he has to help. It’s not about what business you in but more of how you do business.

    Keep us motivated JT

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