What are your Chances of Success?


So you want to be wealthy… well, join the club. The problem is that everyone wants to get rich, but no one wants to work for it. There is a lot of room at the top when it comes to success, but it’s the bottom that is crowded.

Rule #1 of success is that the less excuses you have, the more successful you will become. I created for you a chance of success chart based on coaching thousands of people, speaking in over 30 different countries, and looking at the thousands of success stories we have created.

If you say, do, or use these words…the following is the percentage chance you will be successful:

I won’t -
0% Chance of Success

I can’t -
0% Chance of Success

Now is not the right time -
3% Chance of Success

I don’t know how –  
5% Chance of Success

My broke friend says -
6% Chance of Success

I believe in miracles –  
7% Chance of Success

I can do it all myself -
8% Chance of Success

I have to talk to my spouse –  
9% Chance of Success

My dreams are… -
10% Chance of Success

I wish I could… –      
11% Chance of Success

I don’t have the money –  
12% Chance of Success

I have to think about it –  
13% Chance of Success

I am a hater –    
14% Chance of Success

I don’t like risk –    
15% Chance of Success

I am not an early riser –  
20% Chance of Success

I use the words “Yes but” -
25% Chance of Success

I want to succeed –  
30% Chance of Success

I read a business book in the last 90 days -
40% Chance of Success

I have read a book in the last 30 days -
50% Chance of Success

I read the financial papers5 days a week -
60% Chance of Success

I do daily strategic thinking –  
65% Chance of Success

I think I can succeed –  
70% Chance of Success

Here is my vision –  
72% Chance of Success

I know I can succeed –  
75% Chance of Success

I attend high level networking events –  
78% Chance of Success

I will do whatever it takes –  
80% Chance of Success

I pay in full -
83% Chance of Success

I will never quit –    
85% Chance of Success

I infiltrate circle of influences –    
88% Chance of Success

I am succeeding –    
90% Chance of Success

I did succeed –    
92% Chance of Success

I have a coach -
95% Chance of Success

JT Foxx is my coach –  
97% Chance of Success

If you want 100% success…don’t strive for success but rather choose to be a person of significance and value.  Do that and your clients will take care of your success rate.

There are two things that will set you free, the truth and the results, both of which I have. I think it is very important that you review this chart very carefully, but these statements are based on proven results. Now to be fair, this is not an exact science, but it is my interpretation based on all the successful client data we have analyzed. Success is a mindset and a culture, fear and failure are choices.

Please feel free to comment as there may be some things I missed. I would also appreciate it if you share this blog. I have closed my radio shows with the exact phrase, “Success is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice.” Decide what you want and do whatever it takes, don’t quit on yourself, and go big or go home. The rest will take care of itself.


  1. Amanda Watts

    This has to be the best blog I have ever read! Awesome…. love the way you hooked me in, and now I wish I had bought your iPod with your coaching on! Gutted and kicking myself…. love your arrogance! Thank you for being you!

  2. Kerrin

    JT Thank you for great insight and sharing. Your blog is engaging and highly informative. You get to the point and and by speaking from experience gives us the tools to go out and do the same. Thank you for sharing.

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