JT Foxx’s Net Worth: Finally Revealed?

Net-Worth-Age-Income-Chart-Graph-Money-Statistics-StatsAttacking and Silencing the JT Foxx Complaints

Every few days I get the same email from people.

They ask how do they know whether or not I’m “for real”. Whether I really own everything I say I do, and whether I’m really worth 8-figures.

Next, they want to know EXACTLY what I own. Down to the last detail.

I’m sorry, but that is nothing less than dangerous for me to disclose.

Here’s why.

People sue these days for anything. They’ll spray water on the floor, fall in it, then sue the business owner, just to make a quick buck. They’ll accuse people (like me) of harassment, even when I’ve never met the person in my life or Ive quickly shaken their hand at a seminar. They’ll spill coffee on themselves, then sue the company (McDonald’s) for millions of dollars.

Look at ANY person worth over 1 million dollars and you’ll find that they go out of their way to AVOID disclosing both their net worth as well as their specific holdings.

Example: Donald Trump

You know he’s a billionaire, but do you know exactly which buildings he owns or how the deals were structured?

Unless you’re part of his team, my guess is no.

And there’s a very good reason for that.

The more you reveal about what you’ve won, the more susceptible you are to money-hungry low lives who want to sue you and steal the wealth you created. Or at minimum, launch a malicious online campaign against you out of nothing but pure jealousy.

So you want to know JT Foxx’s net worth?

I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you the exact number. Nor can I share the exact properties I own or how my various business deals and real estate deals are structured.

I WISH I could disclose this information because it would add mountains of credibility if I could safely prove what I claim.

Unfortunately we live in such a litigious society, it’s simply not worth it for me to do so.

If you don’t believe me, ask my attorneys who I pay over $500,000 per year JUST to keep me safe from greedy swindlers who want to do nothing but steal what I have earned for myself.

With that said, let’s get a little deeper into how I built my net worth.

Strategy #1: Real Estate

Whenever I buy real estate, I take special precautions to make sure it’s in a land trust or a company not known to the general public. Why? Early in my career I was sued for equitable mortgage. We would purchase the properties and lease it back to the owner, but in the few cases they couldn’t pay their rent. They would then sue me, claiming they didn’t know that they had sold their homes even though they had their own attorneys at the closing and would send us a rent check every month.
These types of people will do or say anything to attack you. In my case, lawyers would literally call my tenants and say “Hi, we can get the house back for you for free. All you need to do is sue JT Foxx”.

How do you say no to that?

Then we’d end up in court, and the judge would tell them they needed to find a means to pay. They couldn’t do anything.

In other words, since my properties were not in a separate trust they would “take me to the cleaners” and I would have went financially bankrupt.

THAT is why I have to be so “secretive”. It’s nothing more than protecting my assets I’ve worked so hard to attain.

A billionaire once gave me a piece of wisdom I’ll never forget. He said…

“Give them enough to give you credibility but never reveal the full picture. You’ll have nothing to gain and everything to lose”.

As YOU gain success, I suggest you follow that advice.

Strategy #2: Business

John D. Rockefeller was famous for creating vertical and horizontal businesses in congruence. I follow that same advice. You probably know my main businesses, such as Mega Partnering, the various workshops and events we hold, coaching, etc.

But there’s another side of my business, just as big, that I don’t tell the public about as it would bring a whole new set of problems into the picture. For example I own several companies in the same niche, competing with each other, so that I can build strategic alliances with competitors that wouldn’t otherwise form a partnership with me if they knew I owned certain other competing companies.

Another reason is what I called the “sticky” effect.

Many people, when suing, will try to sue you for ANYTHING, just to “see what sticks”.

If I were to announce everything I owned, people would try to come after everything and topple the deck of cards down in a single swoop. I don’t let this happen by keeping everything separate, and silent.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m going to be in a lot of lawsuits throughout my life. Not because of things I’ve done wrong, but because people are lazy and want to steal the success of others because they aren’t able to gain it themselves.

And, unfortunately, our legal system applauds that type of behavior.

This makes my tax returns a nightmare. It takes HOURS just to sign all the hundreds of documents put together by my enormous legal and accounting team. I spend more per year on legal and accounting than most people make in 3-5 years.

The bottom line is this.

I want you to rest assure that EVERYTHING you see in my emails, blogs, coaching, promotions and anywhere else is 100% true. The only reason I can’t share specifics is for the reasons I shared above. The #1 being – it puts me at risk for losing millions of dollars, and my reputation (which is worth even more).

There are 3 main “JT Foxx’s”.

1) The public stage speaker and coach who is very entertaining, witty and charming.

2) The ruthless business person whose every move is strategic.

3) The private JT with serious trust issues (from all the reasons I listed above) who keeps a private profile.

So here is some advice I give you on how to protect your net worth and assets.

1) You can depose my accountants to see what my net-worth is but my accountant is also an attorney or if not, have your attorney retain your accountant therefore you will enjoy the benefits of attorney client privilege.

2) Never show your CEO or right hand person the entire picture or inner workings of your business. As you know with my case with Meir, they just might try to steal your entire business.

3) As you gain success, be careful. Spend the necessary money on lawyers and accountants to make sure your legal entities are setup properly to protect yourself from thieves and sue-happy low lifers.

I hope this has helped you and brought a little clarity to anybody wondering “what JT Foxx’s net worth is” or what specific assets I own.

JT Foxx


  1. Joy Megas

    Great advice!! Thanks J T!! Since starting my new real estate company and posting my success (thanks, to your Top One coaching) and people have come out of the woodwork to sue me as well (neighbor tore down 20 feet of a 35 year old fence, someone said my dog bit them) and I’m just starting. Really? May God bless them for truly it takes a certain kind of heart to be a hater and J T Foxx is the real deal!! And helps people, helps America and helps the world!! Long Beach Equity Partners, Inc. and Joy Megas, like Vegas but with an MMM…is vertical because of all the great seminars AND workshops through Mega Partnering. If you don’t hitch your wagon to this star, you might as well be staring from the gutter!!

  2. David Stewart

    Having your attorney retain the accountant is brilliant! We will do that with our new public holdings company. I am putting in all my start up ideas into the holdings company including SurfTheWeb.com, Cartella Bella Luxury Lifestyle Club, and The Investor Friendly Broker (TM) network.

  3. Dale

    Hello JT, I’m not much for criticism to others with more or less belongings than I. I am so scared of these issues and that is why I haven’t aquired a lot of assets and I’m not sure on how to get past these issues within myself, but thank you for sharing:))

  4. Dennis D.

    JT is the REAL DEAL! He doesn’t like to hear this but not only is he a phrnomenal business tycoon, he’s an even better human being! Thanks for your efforts JT.

  5. Austin Sithole

    Thanks for the awesome advice. Looking forward to the BMV invent In South Africa on the 24th and 25th of August. I know you’ve made it Big. But keep Dreaming Jt, Go BEyond..

  6. Mark & Maria

    JT. your Net Worth and your private life is no one’s business,plain and simple.
    the people that insist on knowing these things and question your Ligitimacy cannot be helped anyways.

  7. Carlos J.

    Thanks, JT for that great advise…I am kinda of familiar with this. As I myself have been sued. And about to enter into another legal battle with former partners, who are also family related. Now would like to know how to set up a bullit proof amor priecing LAND TRUST….Thanks, I hope to hear from you, maybe you can lead me to someone here in Los Angeles…

  8. Ross Virgin, Toronto, Canada

    J.T. Foxx is definitely the Real Deal.
    J.T. I do hope you might be able to team up with some of the very successful people you associate with (who are also attacked by lawyers), and start bringing some suits against those same lawyers. While, yes, it is the low-lifes whose names are on the Statements of Claim, it is the lawyers who promote, push, encourage, shove… the low-life clients, so the lawyers can take their
    monstrous commission from J.T.’s success and wealth (and Trump’s wealth, and Bill Gate’s wealth).

    J.T. the above wealthy people, and many more you associate with would all gain mega-millions-of-dollars, if wealthy people pooled their efforts and started high-profile suits against public-figure lawyers. All the other slease lawyers would scatter like scared rabbits, once they realize their is a clear threat to their existence.

    Second, the various Law Societies can be powerful resources to attack lawyers who have malicious and fraudulent motives. The cost of a complaint to the Law Societies is minimal (compared with litigation). But the threat this brings to the litigating lawyers is extensive.

    Hope you might think about this stategy, J.T., and discuss it with Trump, George Ross, Raymond Aaron and other successful people.

    I would like to include my email address here, J.T. so any others with similar thoughts can reach me. rvirgin2222-001@yahoo.ca

    Best wishes to you, J.T. (and all your team). You truly help many, many people in this world. You deserve all the success and wealth you have achieved. Ross Virgin, Toronto, Canada

  9. Jilian Saweczko

    J.T. you are the best! I’m glad you didn’t disclose everything about your net worth and holdings. Yet disclose a strategy that anyone can follow… if they wish to do something rather than ask the questions they do.
    Best wishes for your continued success in life, and finances.

    Thank you for being the person you are.

    Jilian in Toronto

  10. David Mills

    What a privilege to have had the opportunity to spend valuable time doing a workshop with you JT. Stay the course and keep on giving. So much more will continue to flow to you in return.

  11. Moses

    Hi JT,

    I really like everything you say for free at any free event you offer because it makes common sense. I just don’t trust that you are as wealthy and rich as you claim to be. You claim
    “Example: Donald Trump
    You know he’s a billionaire, but do you know exactly which buildings he owns or how the deals were structured?”. HELL NOOO! We know bussinesses and buildings and golf courses that Donald Trump owns and that is why we trust that he is a billionare. Mark owns facebook, Sir Bryanson owns virgin brand, bill owns microsoft, woz created the first apple computer and owns shares from apple, Patrice Motsepe owns and invested in the mining industry(I am his neighbour from where he grew up in Makau near Brits), Warren buffet under Berkshire owns a lot of bussinesses that he is free to talk about… the list is endless. Infact any successful business man is proud to share their success with the public to validate what they claim to be and they are not under threats of being sued. You claim to own more than 40 multi million dollar businesses. Validate your statement by showing at least a few of those. BTW I am a South African.

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