Suicide… WHY?


Freddie Mac CFO committed suicide yesterday and no one really knows why. He was not being investigated by the Justice Department because of the criminal coward actions of Freddie Mac.

This article is sorta hitting home right now because one of my good friends who is also a speaker his number guy killed himself this past Sunday . I spoke to him 6 days ago and he was always jolly and a great father.

I think killing yourself for whatever reason is a coward thing to do no matter how bad it gets. These suicides seriously affect the lives of the people around them, especially the kids. I say Man Up and tomorrow will be a better day, killing yourself is not the way. What are your thoughts?

Here is the article


  1. Jim

    Suicide is a great short term personal problem solver.
    Personally my biggest problem last month is no longer a problem, so I seek a long term solution to short term problems.

    Besides nobody goes to jail any more, and if they do jail is like a country club on the federal leve.

  2. gary o'connor

    Since you ask us for our thoughts…

    1) In the same way one shouldn’t give quick assesssments as to why Sept. 11th happened, or why the hundreds of suicide bombers do what they do, one should try and never give quick assessments as to business people doing the same thing.

    2) It often involves many things, eventhough one or two things may be major.

    3) I don’t think cowardly is the right term though… “Selfish” is closer (when lots of family are involved), but STILL not right.

    4) Does your “critisism” soften when their health is compromised?

    That’s enough… “Live Long and Prosper”! Try Damn hard anyway!!

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